Following you Parents

How long does one follow his parents...?

How do you tell anybody when to stop following their parents? When the Baby cries, how do you know when that cry is due to abuse and neglect or just growing pains?

When do you get enough understanding to understand, when your parents were wrong, and you should change?

We're following our parents, but who are/were our parents following? In many cases, our parents followed without questioning even some of the most ridiculous guidance - slavery. What about incest? Pornography, Child abuse... we’re worried about what our parents will think and abandoning them. What about your being gay?

When do you start following the divine being within, your basic survival instincts? This system, that's in place today, that we're currently following cannot be for survival but only for profit. It becomes your parent dreams for you versus your dreams. We're scared as hell of being disowned by the very people we think we owe our lives to. Even though we know it is God. And hell yes, a rhesus monkey could do better.

How long does any other animal follow his parents, but you say we aren't animals? Parents can be very stubborn beings when it comes to their lifestyle choices and children, what they want you to be, no matter how detrimental it is to your being,,,but that still doesn't make them right.

How do you honor your parents? Instead of being a "know it all type people", we must be a more investigative type people if we are to minimize more of our problems.

(((your inner

When are parents ever right

Baby Boomer Marriage Saga 

YOUR inner voice

Right here, Right now.


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