Marriages A Baby Boom Saga

Why do I put my name with this kind of shit. What happens when holy matrimony turns...

Where did all the good men go and what happens when good men become head of household?

Does being anonymous better help tell the truth, why? Supposedly, men of God would tell you, "no, hang on, save your marriage no matter how bruised your face... I saved mine, marriage has it ups and downs"... But when do you decide enough is enough?

I was married three times and three consecutive times I was beat within inches of my life. The shame, pain, anger...However stupid this may sound, it's true, it's real and I share it because I know there is more than me. I hope this will be more beneficial to you than it was to me.

Marriages A Baby Boomer Saga, By Anonymous - A true story

Having a pretty face is a blessing and a curse from my birth, but being a fat kid was what I became after having my tonsils removed, in the fourth grade. I was then known as the fat girl and boys claimed they didn’t like fat girls; even though I was considered one of the smartest and most talented in my class.

I often dreamed of who my Prince Charming would be? Who would come along in my future and fall in love with me, smart, intelligent with a pretty face, fat girl, who had a strong desire to be somebody and to be with somebody one day.

Since I did not enjoy dating, proms, movies and all those miserable ugly truths, I do remember the thoughts left me feeling less than normal, (whatever normal is). By age 17, I started skipping school, hanging out and smoking weed, but still no  boyfriend. I was a virgin til age 18. I moved to NY to live with my sister for a year and returned to Florida by age 19.

While in Florida I got pregnant by a guy a month after meeting him. He told my mother "I won’t marry your daughter but will take care of my baby". My mother was very upset and wanted me married. After 3 years I returned NY City determined to get my life on track, while my mother kept my son in Florida.

In NY I really put my best foot forward, enrolling in school but yet, I continued partying on weekends, but no serious dating. After a Friday night partying with girlfriends, I returned home and not long afterwards an unknown creep broke into my house, blind folded me and raped me. My life was filled with anger, even though I kept trying to have a good time. Blinded by anger and so devastated, immediately after the preliminary investigations, I returned to Florida.

I became involved with an old school mate and to my surprise I found myself pregnant again. My mother went through the roof and we became even more distant and angry, “you will not have 2 babies without being married"... So, she demanded to my friend that he marry me. Even though I did not like this man, I went through with this agreement. My mother took charge and arranged for my marriage, housing, sent him to pick me up. I refused to go, but I got dressed anyway for my marriage. I was so pissed off, I wore a blue bandana tired around my head over my pink sponge rollers and I had on a green double knit dress with flip flops.

When the judge said, "you may kiss your new bride", I rolled my eyes and walked away. He took me home and I did not see him for couple days. He said, "she didn’t want to marry me, but her mother made her marry me"  (A Shotgun wedding, if I ever saw one).

Eight months pregnant my new husband came to visit me and in a drunken state, with him pretending to be sleep, we went back and forth about the tv channels until all hell broke loose. He jumped up, punched me in my nose and I felt like I was going to pass out, all over turning the tv.

Time went on and our relationship became even more violent until one day he beat me nearly to death over refusing to rent a Curtis Mathis tv.

Sometimes you give up the right for the wrong! And it even harder to reverse the situation. My then husband brought another woman into “my home” demanding I accept her. The shit got so bad I had to abandoned my home, go get my mother who brought a shotgun, nails and board to take back what was rightfully mine. It was a violent situation and I narrowly escaped even though I was not violent. That was my first marriage 1976.

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The best info is the info we share!

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The best info is the info we share!