Past, Present and Future

Your light never goes out!

So why are you worried or so concerned? Does my past lead to my present and is it a good indication in to my future?

You hear it all the time, forget your past, live in the present and tomorrow is yet to come.

But, isn't there a little something there that may indicate your future and explain your present?

Like building a house, if the foundation is crooked, how can your house be level? If this country was built on confusion and chaos how will it ever change? Is there a need for change?

It is not what your country does for you, but what can you do for your country? Hobbling a man, if I can just get myself unhobbled, I can help someone else and they just might free me.

The moment in which you are living changes every second, whether you think you do or not. Be prepared because the bottom rail is going to come to the top?

Today, your light is dim, then tomorrow it will be bright, unless you see it other wise. Today, your light is bright, then tomorrow it will be dim, but always remember your light never goes out? No matter where you are, you are never without light.

You are never lost? How can you be if you are where you are supposed to be, doing what you are supposed to?

Does my past lead to my present and is it a good indication in to my future? No, you can store nothing up here and if you do, there are no promises! Things will change so be prepared for what you least expect.

(((your inner

For the most part expression!

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