Is not promised. Then, why don't we live and work like there is no tomorrow?

Our relationships are our investments in tomorrow. No matter what's going on, tomorrow is a blessing, a gift.

"I'll do it tomorrow, okay, tomorrow and it becomes easier and easier to say. "Whatever", and it becomes easier and easier to do?

Those dishes are not going anywhere, Tonight. Well there is always tomorrow, but it doesn't mean you will be there?

Promises, Promises, Promises! Confusion and let downs! False hopes! You find yourself talking and listening to people talking about what they are going to do. Typically, well-meaning sound bits, but absolutely and totally aloft! The real point is, this is exactly the kind of B.S. most people hear that stops them from making real headway today. What's in your stimulus package?

Ready to sign into law the most sweeping economic package in decades, a rescue plan designed to create millions of jobs, spur consumer spending and revive the nation's outlook? Tomorrow!

Everything is constantly moving, whether you do or not. While you are wasting valuable time and effort even thinking about Tomorrow, you are missing out on The opportunity for the moment, today.

Whatever you want to do, Do it today, for tomorrow may never come and if you do not finish it, there is always tomorrow.

When you really think about it, your next breath is not promised, but it a blessing. So today, stay focused, work as if there is no tomorrow. You will be better prepared for the chores of tomorrow.

Faith and inspiration for tomorrow is based upon what you do today. Play an active role in tomorrow. Build it today!


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