Is this the best we can do? How can we use the information available to us to make a better world?

I passionately believe things can get much better? I believe they can get better, but do you know how severe our current situation really is? How did it get that way?

How trustworthy is your source of information? Can you relate to how detrimental something so simple as a little information could be? What good is the information you have? Is it useful to you or like most stuff today, is it information overload?

Much of the information we get is more about buying and selling than it is about helping the citizens it serves. I am saying much of the information we get cannot be trusted. Who can you trust? Much of the information we get is oriented towards a section of our society with whom I cannot identify. I can hardly make ends meet, what do I care about who "shot John"? I need information to help me in life. Why do you think our reading and writing skills are so poor? What happened to the incentives?

Minority communities have only recently begun to be recognized. An appreciation of the important historic resources within these communities have long gone unnoticed. Just today, along with this awareness, a new sense of awareness is now developing. To aid this awareness, to identify, document and evaluate the resources of our minority communities we need better information and reliable sources. We desperately need -- more readers and writers. There is a big part of our critical information that is missing from main stream media. That is why I hightly recommend Care, Dare to be Different?

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