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How we treat each other and our children

In la la land, we'll take our stand to live or die in la la land, look away, look away, look away la la land.

If you are like me, for one reason or another, you feel you have very little effect on what is going on around you. What about "A Great Sense of Justice"? I know that life is not fair, but what about people? If you are not careful, people, the people you allow to get closest to you, will treat you worse than shit.

They will lie, cheat and steal to keep you from knowing any difference. We use to say something like this, "People will piss on your leg and tell you it is raining". People will put you on the wrong road home. Some do not mean any harm, but most do.

One of the big things going on in America today is how we treat each other and our children, the ratings, what we do in front and behind their backs. Most of the time, we are "pissing on their leg and telling them it is raining", that breeds hatred. Look, this is life and what you see is what you get.

Here is the thing, especially our youth, people depend on other people to keep them straight. After so much pain and abuse, we build these walls and become something like a referee, as we allow people to get close to us. Well, that is just telling more lies.... wasting more valuable time and effort. Are you failing on your job?

Self-discipline is the key and your influenze is the greatest tool you have to help fight the evil of the world. Treat people the way you want to be treated and that is all you can do.

It it a huge challenge to be true to yourself.

Know that you are insecure, give yourself confidence.

You need to feel special, compliment yourself.

You are working for a better tommorrow, keep hope alive.

You need to be understood, be clear, concise and listen to yourself.

Be your own role model.

Often, this takes more time and effort than we are willing to give, but we are expecting the best in return. So in our own self-defense, we bring on and go through all this stupid stuff- not taking the time to be honest with ourselves and that is being dishonest with those around us. Too often we are living in the wrong La La Land.

If we are going to live in la la land, why not in a place where you can be true to yourself?

Know that you are a very talented and gifted person, be that to yourself. The example you set is helping to influence the world.

Have a great day. your inner

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