Rejection and Neglect

Early on we are taught to reject certain things. To hell with the consequences, just reject it! That will come back and bit you.

The development and implementation of social skills, without them, it is virtually impossible for us to get along.

Rejection and neglect are two peas in a pod. It is hard to have one without the other. When they are in full affect, they cause depression, withdrawal, delinquency, death and destruction... Is that why some people are always late? Rejection and neglect are two of the most powerful indicators of our state of being. They strongly influence our personalities and perception of self - Intimacy and support, cliques and crowds.

As we go through life we develop a need for intimacy and support. In the fulfillment of those needs we try many social roles. These roles help to define our personal values and sense of self. The harder it is to be true to ones self, the more fear and anxiety experienced.

It all starts a home. Early on, if parents and faith based organizations are not able to instill a good sense of self within our youth, generation gaps are created and our youth look for it else where. This is most important because the opposite, the flip side of succeeding here is the feeling of being neglected and rejected. There goes the family! What goes around comes around! Behavioral and psychological patterns are established.

It all boils down to our abilities or inabilities to get along with our youth and our seniors. To aid in this process, we have faith based organizations. Now, why are less and less people going to church? What goes around comes around! United We Stand, Divided We Fall!

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