Lies and Liars

crack in a pot

A bad wind don't never change.

As this lady told me about cursing, well thank God she could tell me about lying.

Not including criminals, do you realize how many lies are being told on a daily basis, by each person? I wonder what that graph would look like? What about the magnitude? I am thinking of keeping things in balance.

How does this vicous cycle continue? Where does it start and is lying a matter of concern or a matter of fact?

Is lying passed on from one generation to the next? How early do we start teaching our children how to lie? DECEIT and DECEPTION?

My father always said, some people would rather climb a telephone pole to tell you a lie, than stand flat footed on the ground and tell the truth? It is a bad wind that don't never change? Why?

Why is it so hard to keep from lying?


(((your inner


Spanking our children?

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