Materialism versus Spiritualism!

The practice and the number of incidents! The implications, how bad, how good are they? Is deceit and deception on the rise or decrease? Why? How are we supposed to resolve it?

Is it about predator/prey, guilty/innocent, audience/entertainers, real/fake, greed/survival, buy/sell, supply/demand, true/false? Whatever it is, it all has to be about balance. Are we a people, only selfishness motivates human actions and who disbelieves in or minimizes selfless acts or disinterested points of view? Get a loan to pay for a loan? How much sense does that make? Is that our definition of happiness? So what do we do when people come up short and everyone comes up short?

I think on myself and my website, who am I deceiving and what good would it do me? How can I charge? How can I get paid? What do the Haves have that the have nots need? Attitude, the perception of personal worth and value, and the ability to keep it from those who do not desire to play their game – stringent.

The problem: We have been deceived so much, we cannot trust anyone. Mother Nature has given to all generously and ungrudgingly, and it will be given you, but man, in his own mind, has improved upon this process by inserting “money and power”.

We have given more credence to the phrase “nothing is for free” than we have to ”giving to all generously and ungrudgingly”. We are so far from it, that phrase sounds stupid does it not? How can you make a livng by "giving everything away"? Is it going away anyhow?

We are caught up in a system and we do not know how to get out. To hell with the have nots, no hope. Now, that is your recession and depression and we will tell you all about how long it has been that way!

Had man given/shared with you, you would be more prone to give/share to and with others. You can not buy anything from Mother Nature! So from where comes the price tag?

Deception and Deceit their most common forms? I think the most common form of deceit and deception is the word “Free”, absolutely Free. People use the word Free to lure you in, the haves and have nots or hopes and no hopes. The needs of the people have all but gone out the window.

Increasingly, people are making decisions and purchases based upon emotions and not needs. People still rationalize their decisions based on facts, but make their decisions based on feelings. Products and services are promoted based on facts, people connect and buy based on their own feelings. There are so many companies providing the same services that "needs" are overlooked due to deceptive practices.

The question is how far can we go and what is going to happen as a whole society bottoms out and disappears? What will history say? How do you go from unethical to ethical? An event that will change our lives forever, Give generously and ungrudgingly. How do you give back what you were never given? Materialism versus Spiritualism?

We have no other choice. Am I playing God?

(((your inner

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