Lie, How big can a lie get

crack in a pot.

Does little lies lead to bigger lies? Is lying like a crack in a pot?

Are you talking individual or group?

Individually speaking a lie can get you killed. A lie will always put you on the wrong road home. Now, some can say they had good luck after being led astray, but was that necessary. Would you have listened to the truth?

Does it take a liar for us to listen? Would you rather follow your own mind or the mind of a liar. I do not want to be President or any kind of polictian or preacher...I just want to be recognized for telling the truth,,,one time. Do we recognize honest answers, do we respect truthful people, now you understand why we have liars running our government. Are they serving the people or special interest groups. Why are prices so high and unstable. Do you think the ship is going down or we are on "smooth sailing". Truth or lie?

Group wise, would the whole country support a liar? Would we fight for a known falsehood? How can you get any peace of mind believing lies and liars - faith, trust, dependability...Weapons of mass destruction in Iraq, was that a lie?

So that is about how big a lie can get and an indication of what the American people will do, once they learn they have been lied to!

Is that true, is sad, So what are we going to do when we hear truths? We've lost every battle that we've fought lately, home and abroad - employment, fuel, enegry, relationships.

How long can you keep a lie going? Would that be as long as we have talked about Santa? What about a red nose reindeer? Liberty and justice for ALL?

How does it feel to learn you have been lied to betrayed, what about Martha Steweart? What happened there, why? All over feelings of betrayal?

Profits over Prosperity, which is better? Which is the best way for us all? Why cannot we get off the yellow brick road? Have we told that many lies? Is that really how big a lie can get?

Another lies?

Another liar moves to Milledgeville

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