Marriage and Domestic Violence

Is it okay to spiritually commit yourself to another person? Does two wrongs make a ...

The ultimate question: Is domestic violence a lie or is marriage the truth?

Somebody is always saying "marriage is the way", especially the older generation and even more so...older women? Now, how does that make sense? Women, will you please explain that to me? Why do you want your rights? Are there those lazy ass women who can't make up their minds? Is that a form of "mental illness"? Shouldn't people be able to marry who they want? Can you or must your potential spouse meet the standards of society? Who really is the bum?

Men talk about how dedicated their wives are??? We really put a lot of pressure on marriage.

Who’s telling the truth?

Are our marriages helping or hurting? Do you see a positive difference in our neighborhoods? IF the races ain't right, how can the people be?

If the people ain't right, how in the sam hell can the marriages? Because two people want to do something does not make it right? Then, why do we treat women as "second class citizen"? Why do, especially women have a problem with their "human rights"? Why do they have to obey and who do they obey?

Rape, pillage, burn, who does that? I won't mention elderly ladies? Or women of color?

(((your inner

Working for the enemy?

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