Balance In Life

Working on myself.

Procrastination leads to Consternation!

It is you and me against the world. That is the way it is when walking the tight-rope of life.

Balance means, pleasant or unpleasant, you have a good sense that all the important parts of your life are working in harmony. That does mean, trying to keep everyone happy? Keep yourself straight. Staying focused, not on one problem, but like a juggler, being able to see and maintain all balls! Patience! Practice! Determination! are all words that come to mind. There are many ways to accomplish this. Some even know shortcuts. My mom often said, “Keep the kitchen and the bathroom straight and the rest of the house will take care of itself”. I find that to be a true statement.

We command separate lives with growing needs and if not careful you can quickly find yourself off-balance and over the edge. Once overwhelmed it is hard to recover and to make comprehensible decisions, hence a growing crime rate. Pressures from people around us i.e., family, friends, work, holidays, media…, also play a role and take their toll. Keeping up with the Jones?

Individually, if you can stay in control of yourself, maintaining your balance as you face tough decisions, awkward situations, you will find things will soon change. I call it remaining true to yourself. Life is self-paced and you are the only person who knows what is best for you, at the appropriate time. Don’t worry, your group will find you. Procrastination leads to consternation, don’t even think about it. Learn to trust your inner voice, then, put into practice a strategy that allows you to accomplish it.

Never underestimate the significance of balance in your life. It is one of those things that can make or break. Maintaining proper balance increases the quality of life. Do not hesitate to seek professional or outside help,,, you owe it to yourself.

Keep yourself straight and then share.

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