The Powers That Be

Are they ever "right", why not...

Are your parents ever right?

What takes you so long to make a healthy decision? Why don't we just automatically do the good thing? Why can't we police ourselves?

The Powers That Be are never right and never will be until they change.

The powers to be are always right, in their own minds and it is because they make the laws and system.  THE BIGGEST REASON the powers that be are "always" right is because the rest of us give  them our power over us.

We give them power over us because we want the benefits and we fear retaliation. They have instilled fear so much so we think they can police us better than we can police ourselves. They cause us to think we're wrong and they're right. That without them we're nothing. So we deny the God within us and submit to the powers that be.

The powers that be consist of those individuals or groups who collectively hold authority over a particular domain and all of this is mental therefore manifesting itself in the physical.

If the powers to be were wrong what power would you have? If you do not exercise your power to be right, then the powers that be will always rule, by default.

In order for the powers that be to change, the rest of us must first change. Now, can you change?

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