The Self Injurer 

Hard to imagine but when desperation, depression and anger all balled up together...

What would make one man kill another man? What would make any person want to harm themselves? What are your means of self defense and who's hurt in the end?

Pain, too difficult to express in words, must be expressed in order to achieve the desired results. 

Also known as cutting, burning, scratching self-mutilation occurs when someone intentionally and repeatedly harms herself/himself, all in an attempt to alter a mood or a state of being. Is this understanding or what?

At one time or another, everyone has used self-inflicted injury as a means of coping with an overwhelming situation or feeling and reaching out for help. Bad relationships, there are those of us who repeat this self inflicted behavior, even though we know subsequent occurrences must be greater than the last, making it increasingly harmful to their health and to the health of those around us.

They’ve learned intentional injury to the body will demand the desired attention - hunger strikes, shooting or setting yourself and others on fire….even until suicide, war... and it's all over something as simple as a bad relationship.

The bottom-line to this all is you take a bad situation and make it worse in order to achieve the desire results. The same things causing one man to kill another man are the same things causing one person to harm themselves.

One we look at as self-defense and the other we look at as being a disorder. Either way, we're inflicting pain, violence and abuse to bring about peace and harmony. How long can this last? How long can you live?

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The best info is the info we share!

New! Comments

The best info is the info we share!
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