Crisis, Plagued by Crisis


Just crisis, upon crisis, upon crisis, What next? Who are you blaming?

Are you living life as normal? Do you think this, the current economic, political, job situations are NORMAL?

Do you not know what to do? Does it take forever to straighten out one little simple problem or are you going to further complicate matters? Does it take a revolution to cause you to realize, change is necessary, imminent and failure to do so is self-destruction?

What would you do if you had a crisis in you home? Some of us do not even realize how serious the current crisis are? Others think they are doing all they can? And some just don’t give-a-damn.

As I listen, read or watch the latest news, my situation is just getting more and more dire, but I see it far from me. Even with all the shit going on around me, I think all this negative press is not effecting me. Tv and massed media has brain washed us into thinking, what’s at our front door is far away, therefore we take refuge behind “the screen”. I think, how can they have the courage to publish all that shit, without feeling responsible to give some kind of resolution and help?

Today is proof. We no longer know what real or made up?

The answer is “non-biased reporting” therefore nobody feels responsible, so guilty feelings are removed. When the shit does hit our fan, we go into a serious state of denial, explaining it away based upon some other hypothetical bullshit and all viewers adopt a "non biased attitude". In the end nothing gets done and our crisis continue spiraling out of control.

Because we are negligence, we cover it up, by getting deeply involved in somebody else's problems. What Egypt, Arab and Israel? If we refuse to recognize and take responsibility and positive action for our own problems, what the hell can we do for them?

This technological age, is a good thing, but when it comes down to reality, older generations feel helpless and that is just the way we respond. We and our politics as usual are dragging our feet to help the younger generation bring about necessary change.

We know all the wrong we’ve done and supported; now the results of which is confronting us right in our face, so we lie, cheat, steal and kill to cover it up and escape responsibility. 911? What were you doing when 911? What took you so long to make peace between gender and the races? The Death Penalty!

We talk about famine, disease, corruption, negligence, violence in other countries, but what about them in America? What about Latinos, Africans, Indians, Native Americans? What about our own unwillingness to work together?

"Life's most urgent and persistent question is: What are you doing for others?" We know what we did. Now, when did we stop?

Why can't we connect? Why do I not feel my burdens lessening, but I do feel them getting heavier? Is ignorance bliss? Is there no remorse? Where is it, in order to save your own soul? I know, you owe me nothing, but I owe you everything.

This is a serious Crisis, as serious as it gets!

Identity Crisis Identity crisis

Communities that have undergone genocide, not once, but twice.

Global Financial Crisis

Global Financial Crisis, Lesson learned, U.S. auto makers, After Action ReportEconomic Crisis

What can I do?

Recovery From U.S. Economic Crisis, How is it going? Is it working? Will It Work ? Skeptical of the outcome?

Plagued by crisis, How many more crisis can we stand before “we” all break down?

Where are The Americans, with vision, ready to implement much needed change? Do we need our President to tell us? It reflects the genuine will and desire of the American people for greater moral and ethical standards. It has proven how well a people can unite, in midst confusion and chaos; and harmoniously work together to achieve that end. Whatcha gon do? Join me here?

(((your inner

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