Alarm Clocks

Is there cause for alarm? Do you go with the flow or are you ahead of the game...

Why don't more and more people get up without the assistance of an alarm clock?

Alarm Clocks, does the name imply the reality? Is there cause to be alarmed?

You know how excited and fast we are at developing new things and throwing the old away well, why hasn’t that happened with the alarm clock? Do we ever say "no" to anything? Why aren't we just as energetic about waking up and getting our day started, with our real skills, - plumbing, carpentry, electrical, landscape, hunting, fishing, cooking, cleaning, relaxing?

We used to get up in more of a natural cause, so what happened to prevent this nice little honest way of starting your day? Was the alarm clock created so you could get the optimal amount of sleep? Was that you did not want to get up? Was that you lied about your failure to appears? Was that your superiors wanted more control?

Since the alarm clock people have been sleeping harder and harder. We translate that into sound sleep. Since the alarm clock, people have been sleeping later and later. We justify that with having to go to school and work. Since the alarm clock, people have been discovered insomnia, creating drugs, machines and different kinds of beds to combat that.

Since, I live alone I might make something healthy to eat and I might not, but when I have company, what does that mean? Or will we just lay in bed and play with our... Created to be more effective and efficient but is less effective and efficient - devastating results.

Now, today, we can’t take shit without an alarm clock. Since the alarm clock, people are harder to wake up and we’re rushing more than ever – more stress. Is this cause to be alarmed?

(((your inner

Working hard to get ahead?

Which direction do I?

Early to bed, early to rise

YOUR inner voice

Right here, Right now.


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The best info is the info we share!

New! Comments

The best info is the info we share!