Art in grave

Which direction did they go?

Which direction do I go? A time of change, of problems to solve and of bigger opportunities to explore, which direction did they go?

Looking North, South, East or West, all cardinal directions?

I am just looking around. When I look around all I see is problems and circumstances. I get distracted and can't focus on the direction for me, the enemy is trying to keep me off balance.

Horizontal or Vertical?







HOw do you know who fits into what category? Who writes the laws? Who enforces them?

In order to go up or down, I must be on a vertical axis (line). Hummm? From which direction did I come, now, why would I want to go down?

Seems to me, There is just one direction to go and that is the way I am looking. That's my amazing discovery today.

Look, Think and Sit!

Eyes on the prize.

Better than a target?

Better than my favorite subject...the "S" word?

It's easy to get off track.

Thank God, I have "always got somebody" to tell or remind me which way is UP.

The other day, there was some old white woman blocking me. She called herself an Engineer. For doing my job, she was the one to give me pay. I asked God, Why? She was very rude and when I did my job and came to her for my pay, there was always a problem. She wasn't there, the money wasn't there,,,always something.

All I wanted was to do my work and get paid. After a couple of days, I had to get that straight, with an engineer.

Mamam, I know you know. If anybody in this country would be very sensitive to work and no pay, wouldn't it be you and it certainly is me? Why are you doing this to me?

I did take care of it very peacefully and After I got my check, I told her "I will not be back".

Christians, Hindus, Muslims..., Saints, Sinners, Hypocrites, you want to be good but people just will not allow.

(((your inner

Directions mean


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