Get Up Early

How can i tell you when to get up?

The sad part about that all is most of us cringe on the thought of "just getting up"? NOt early, but we don't even want to get our asses out of bed, why is that? What is Nigger time and why?

Insomnia, why do we revel in “Sleeping In”, like til one or two o’clock in the day?  And when we stay up late, why are we so tired the next day? Why do we wake up in such a bad mood? Why do our kids walk around sleep for hours before they start their day? Whatever happened to the early bird and getting the worm? Why don't you even what to respond to the alarm clock you set?

Who in their right mind would tell you you need eight hours of continuous sleep to be well rested? Who in their right mind would tell you you are not well rested if you don’t sleep sound? Who in their right mind would prescribe a sleeping pill and no one to watch over you while you are sound asleep?

Somebody mentioned to me about my articles, saying “often times they do not flow”. I responded, “I am not your typical nigger trying to write like everybody else. As a matter of fact that’s my style”. So, why can’t you have your own style, their shit is just as hard for me to understand as my shit is to them, so where is the understanding if I’m not true to myself?

How, why do you think you are entitled to lay around the house all day, meeting the minimum requirements?

Everybody that’s a somebody is an early riser. They wake up in the dark, go to sleep when ready and when you call on them they have a great attitude and ready to go. They're elated just to awaken and see the sun, while your lazy ass sleeps through the whole damn thing and missed everything. Then, you want to come out whining because nothing is in order. You’ve slept all that time, yet no energy and you wonder why shit has gone awry. You actually awaken giving off bad vibes.

Are we nocturnal beings?

Energy perpetuates energy, and nothing makes you more tired than sleeping in or sleeping too much and being disturb from the sleep in which you think you’re entitled.

When you prepare the night before for the day to come, you have a whole different attitude and it does not depend on how much sleep you get. As a matter of fact you’re too excited to go to sleep. Think about Santa Claus! Have you ever intentionally overslept Christmas?

When you don’t get a chance to work, your whole life is awry. And when you're not properly prepared you walk around drunk until things fall into place.

You don't want to do what you know you should do. When you burn off energy it is replenished. We’re well rested and better able to concentrate on what needs to be done. We're better equipped to meet the demands of the day and that keeps us all on track.

Energy is constantly traveling and we do not need any more negative energy to remain balanced, recognize your thought pattern to change to share good energy.

In order to better survive, the earlier the better. You must sleep at regular intervals during the day and night, so you are never too sound asleep as to eagerly hear and respond to what's going on.

(((your inner

Happiness in a Very Unhappy World

Obedient being human being

The Inner Man

Being Prepared

Be Ready!

YOUR inner voice

Right here, Right now.


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The best info is the info we share!

New! Comments

The best info is the info we share!
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