My Land

Does this land truly belongs to you, do you have rights and privileges...OMG!

Internalized racism, “The Wretched of this Earth", why are we so confused, can't get along...?

Are you apart of the whole, which part, which whole? My rights and privileges to be here. I have a right to be here, a right to all the privileges this land offers. This land is my land, this land is your land… OMG! All of which, tells you, you do not own your own mind.

Ever wonder why America is so wrong, Indian Wars, Slavery, Racism, Politics, Education, Cronyism, corruption, economic and social decline…Relationships? Cronyism, corruption White power, Black power...

We say and want to believe we own the land and even the country and people. We believe that gives us rights and privileges, which we have always abuse. We know nothing else but abuse. Abuse is all you’ve ever been taught, I don’t care how much you think your parents love or didn’t love you, they never could openly express their love, so it was always been behind closed doors or something like the doors of the church –conditional.

The problem with all that is, We never knew ourselves. Though it is very obvious and prevalent, even today, homes, communities, we do not realize the devastating effects of the atrocities we committed and committed against us, land and resources.

Why are we so focused on big houses, fancy cars, clothes, education, money and power, rather than living humble and wholesome. Americans do not know what it is to be these two things. Why are we so pitted against one another? Why can we take refuge and unite in the election of the first African-American President? Don’t all this shit tell you something about YOU? It is not them, it is you. – misguided and mis-informed

Our state of compassion is so corrupt, the only way to get over it is to deny it, so we join all the FALSE RELIGIONS searching for truth, when it is right there in our face. Do you need a bible to tell you to love your neighbor?

Do you need a constitution to tell you this land IS NOT YOURS, therefore treat it that way? Do you need a rit of habeas corpus telling you that if you stole something you should give it back, make amends… Do you need a teacher to tell you, if they enslaved you and brought you to this country, that does not entitle you to a damn thing. The economy crashed a long time ago, along with economics, we're just realizing it. We've been living the life of a lie, and we don't listen.

What happens when you are an immigrant, a visitor to this land; to whom are you grateful, for what, respect is a two-way street? If we were living according to the way we say we’re living, would there be a need for a DEAD MLK? Would we be in social and economic decline? What’s taking us so long to get equal rights, why? If there are no equal rights in your home, there are no equal rights in the land, if there are no equal rights in the land, then there sure can’t be any equal rights in the country. If our country is in economic and social decline, what does that say about it’s people, what does that say about you, me…?

Whether it be Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan, Gay, Same Sex MARRIAGES, we of all people, have no right to discriminate against anyone. We of all people should humble ourselves to this land. We of all people should start recognizing, giving honor and credit to the people who truly worked and made this land what it was when we stole it.

Why don't we give black people the credit they deserve, women the credit they deserve... Are we screwed up in our priorities? Which direction are we going? Because White People do more than rule, they also spread their language and thought and way of life. IF you follow his educational system, he is still in your head, telling you that you are not as good as he is, you are not whole, there is something wrong with you; that you must become more like HIM - The Colonized MIND.

We've changed the reasons why, but we never changed the SINs! Your mind is the only thing you own, why would you tell yourself otherwise?

Internalized racism, and “The Wretched of this Earth”, until we start telling our truths, nothing is going to change. Hypocritical, we spend more time telling people how to live, rather than living, then you go overseas telling other people what to do. Until you figure out our problem is you, who else is going to be responsible.

Deceit and deception: we need to give credit to the people who truly own this country, land, people and resources; then our relationships will straighten out, just like it was before we stole it, claimed it, conquered...

Of all the different groups in America, the melting pot of the world, until my brothers can see themselves as "one part of one whole" how can we be united?

(((your inner

We claim to be building this country when we know we're actually destroy it. Building or Tearing Down

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