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Will the real me please come forward...

I really would like to know who I am, so I can be myself. OH, but my past is so tragic, filled with violence, abuse, chaos and confusion... Boy, we have some unrealistic expectations of others!

Really, "I" want to know? I've screwed up so many times in my life, I do not know any more, who I am. I am so lost and confused I aimlessly wonder and follow everyone else. How do I find my truth self again? How do I pull myself up?

You must admit some things and the first is you don't know shit because if I did I certainly wouldn't be sitting here. I wouldn't be poor, working, paying bills, taxes, education, slavery, jim crow... So I must be trying to live like everyone else and doing what they say makes it easier to live. So many unrealistic expectations is why we fail in love and life.

I think just like them or I wouldn't have one of these over priced ass cars, insurance, repairs... There are some who are able to resist, why not me?

I hear people say, You are who you are, but I know this is not me. I am a product of my environment and that has me locked in. Though it has me locked in, I am working to free myself, which many have died trying - MLK... Most of us have resigned ourselves to this system because it has everything we believe we would like to have, even though it's hell to get it. We also believe it's easier to die here than to try another place. Now, I'm finding it harder to be who I know I am.

Based upon your environment, why would I expect you to know any different? As you try bringing all this mass media fantasy to real life and when it doesn't work you blame me.

So, we call the land of our arch enemy home, adopt his ways and strive to please him by being obedient to his laws. Now, we've been doing that so long, it just feels right and that's who we are. Why must I explain me to me?

If I am able to escape, how long can I last, not knowing which direction is towards freedom? I know who I am and whose I am but the problem rises when I'm not who others expect me to be.

People say and act like they accept you as you are, but that's just to get you where they want you to be, back in the box. If you're "in the box" you will never know self.

Unrealistic expectations are the culprit of depression and ill feelings. Next, why am I so afraid for you to know the real me?

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Why am I so afraid for you to know


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