Bring Down The System,


Ever heard of a people who get some kind of satisfaction from killing another human being? What about a whole country?

Why would you want to kill anything you ain't/can't eat? We killed all the animals worth something until they were extinct, what do you think we're going to do to ourselves? Is it the only, the best way we know?

How much do you know or is it how little? Why would you want to kill anybody?

I understand there are very senseless crimes, hell; I even know SLAVERY was. But somewhere in you heart, some time in your life, you have to forgive misgivings in order to "try" and make up.

What are the limits on that? In a world of social and economic decline, just think on how many people we kill every day just do to negligence, auto, plane, train accident, crime, war...?

Does that say anything to you about your inability to determine right from wrong? How does it benefit anything to take another's life to satisfy the living?

Yeap, I would be mad as hell too, but I’d hope there would be someone to my rescue to bring about peace. Where does PEACE stops and the killing start? How will you ever come to peace, using violence? Does killing a criminal give peace? If it was true, we’d have a more peaceful society by now.

Who's to blame? Those that do not want to recognize and change. How many and who should we kill for slavery, indian wars, economic and social disaster? What about abortions? People are being born and dying every day, but I guess it's just not enough bloodshed to soothe your nerves?

Are you afraid to lay your guns down first?

Anyway, this whole damn KILLING System and Mentality, just like All our others systems, are in GREAT NEED OF REFORM.

From all those before to all those to come, Your struggles don't end with killing. You just get more killing.

I don't know, but some shit just makes sense to me: Do unto others as you will have them do unto you, not do others before they do you? COURAGE AND SANE MIND, I pray, God forbid, if something tragic were to happen to me or some of my love ones, that it bring about a or some sense of PEACE to everyone.

That if I killed anyone, it wouldn't be intentional and to give me help instead of death. Let me be an extraordinary example, now matter how it turned out. That I not give in nor up on You and Your divine sense of justice, that we refuse to understand. We can interpret it to mean whatever we want, but nobody wants to be killed, nobody intentionally or unintentionally. That my love ones not give up on me and help me in whatever way they see fit.

That if I killed another man, I would just give up and stop, because it has gone too far? Poor judgment, two wrongs don’t make a right. If one way ain't working, try another.

But these SUPER HEROS have taken up the challenge and is doing something about it and it's a "good thing". Why are we so hard to accept good things, good changes, good peopl? Fight to free prisoners of conscience, abolish the death penalty, stop violence against women and ensure the human rights of all people.

(((your inner

The Best offense

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