A Superficial Society Means Instant Gratification

Success requires two things, do you have them? BAM!

We live in a superficial society that loves to believe in instant gratification. If instant gratification worked, everyone would soon be doing it. And if everyone does something, of course, only a few can be successful.

It takes quite a bit to succeed on the Web or any where else...

It takes an up-to-date process. It takes all the tools. It takes help when you need it. And it takes someone to watch your back and report what's new.

It takes all of that so you can FOCUS and build your e-business. Most folks never understand that. In the history of the world, most never have. Maybe they never will. (We often don't want to understand what we don't want to understand. )

The sad part, though, is that today it really is possible. It's do-able for so many people...

My Dad lived his life working for the same company for 45 years, safe-in-a-job but unhappy for the last 20. At least he never chased Get Rich Quicks. Seriously, GRQ! was not ever going to fool a man who was as careful as him. But that's another story.

In today's world, though, I sense that if he had found SBI!, he'd be the type of person with the BAM to get out of the box he felt he was in, needing that job to support a family. And THAT ultimately is what it really takes...

People with Brains and Motivation (BAM).

SBI! may make it possible. But it's just the catalyst.

In chemistry, a "catalyst" changes/causes a reaction without itself being changed (if I remember correctly).

-----SIDEBAR----- While it can be argued successfully that YOUR success changes us, too, here at SiteSell, it wrecks my analogy. So let's leave that out. ----SIDEBAR-----

At the end of the day, people with BAM change their lives. SBI! does not really "do" it. You and your BAM do.

There aren't THAT many people with BAM, which is why SBI! grows slowly compared to WordPress.

But grow we do.

Still, it's too darn easy to fall for "free and easy." Even folks with BAM do. Some ultimately find SBI!. Many give up long before that.

So please get the word out there. If someone wants to blog for fun, sure... "do" Wordpress. But if someone wants to build an online business and DO something about changing their lives, there is simply no comparison once you stop and think about the material on this page...

Looking for success on the web or the difference between SBI and wordpress click here: wordpress.

Build an online business.

(((your inner voice.com)))

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