Success, How far Away is mine

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If you keep dating ugly girls will pretty ones ever come your way? So what exactly is ugly?

As I look across the globe I see so many good things happening. So I turn back asking myself what is happening for me?

Looking down an endless road, I ask, how far away is my much needed success? I focus on groups of people working together and they appear to be living life’s greatest dream. They are working on a GRAND SCALE OF THINGS. Their efforts are far larger and more challenging than I would ever want. Everybody is pulling together, happy because they are getting what they want. In many cases, it is even illegal, but that seems to motivate them even more. In other cases they are poverty stricken but that only fuels their enthusiam. They are surrounded by like-minded individuals who are dead set and determined.

Then there is my chosen group. My scale is not so great. In every direction there is one obstacle after another. One says, you have got to do it on your own. Another says it is not your time and another just keeps quitely plucking away. How can all of that ever come together?

Where is our success, how far away? Are we serious and competitive enough? Is it because I do not have any money? Are my skills less than adequate? Am I too slow, cautious and not knowing? Just what am I missing that keeps me from reaching my goals and dreams?

It has something to do with the caliber of people by which you are surrounded, what they want and how they see getting it. No concept, no idea!

How are good corporations built? Is it the same as a family? On what kind of team are you?


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