Positive Visioning

The Power of Positive Visioning...

What if there was a way for you to "design" your ultimate business and life? How about if it only took about 30 minutes for a first draft?

Would you do it?

As entrepreneurs we know when our business is a success, right? Maybe not.

Unless you've got that vision for success on paper and your team is onboard you probably have some wispy, fluffy notion of what success really looks like. And more than likely it's a constantly moving target as your business evolves.

Positive Visioning ,a concept introduced by Ari Weinzweig co-founder Zingermans, that can have a profound effect on creating your ideal vision for your great business and perfect future!

Yanik Silver promise you'll gain new insight into creating a more fulfilling life and business! And there's nothing to buy…Zingerman's uses visioning in every part of their business and teaches it to all their team members. Why? Because it works on so many levels... • It has a positive impact on others. (It's not just a job anymore but a shared purpose.) • It attracts great people. • Allows you to create reality instead of simply reacting. • Forces everyone to be held accountable. • It tells you what you are NOT going to do in business. • Creates positive movement within the organization and more...

It's been proven when people use visioning instead of simply problem solving, energy levels increased, innovative ideas flowed and people were excited about eager about their future. What's more, visioning also gets you clear on what you do NOT want to do in your business so that you can easily turn away, seemingly, golden opportunities that come your way. (This is the why Ari and Paul always said no to create franchises or other locations outside Ann Arbor.)

    Here are the 4 elements of a successful vision:
  1. Inspiring: Others are excited about the vision and want to go there.
  2. Strategically sound: It might be a stretch, but it is do-able.
  3. Documented: It's in writing.
  4. Communicated: Everyone knows about it.

Here are a few of the insights you'll discover:

• The exact 8-step recipe for writing a vision of greatness and getting clear on the future you want.
• How to get your entire team onboard with your vision and who should create the vision.
• The difference between a mission statement, a vision and a strategic plan (and why there is a HUGE difference)
• Who you should absolutely share your vision with as you're developing it.
• Why "positive futuring" really does work. (Zingerman's actually has each employee work on visioning regardless of their position in the company because it's that important.)
• How often you should re-visit the vision.
• How to "reverse-engineer" your vision and create your ideal future.

If Yanik Silver, at InternetLifestyle.com says all this about positive visioning, what can I say? All from a $20,000 loan!

My questions are what are the differences between "positive visioning" and backwards planning or Positive Predictions?

What's my vision?

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