Bar Girls, Suicides and Untruths

Police and Bars!

I think most Americans do not know what a "bar" is, the names and meaning are a bit twisted for some unknown reasons.

I am responding to an Excellent piece Posted by Sonia Faleiro - Bargirls, Two Suicides and Many Untruths

First, I would like to thank Sonia Faleiro for sharing and exposing, such truths others seem to overlook. Job well done and then I want to capture one of her comments.

So here we go! This saddens me and the fact we think there is nothing we can do about it? There is something we can do and I do it every day. We know what is going on, but we refuse to properly address these issues for our own selfish reasons.

Can we be satisfied with our own progresssion No, not when you are unable to realize any progress. We must demostrate more progress in our poverty stricken communities. Cleaning them up would be an easy way to start. Would there be any need for further policing? We always want someone else to do what we know we need to do.

I do not want to come across as "a holier than thou" kind of person or "a know it all", but as a person of experience. I have tried these evil ways every way I know how, only to be met with more evil ways.

I, myself am faced with the same challenges and choices as these bar girls and any poverty stricken people. And no, it is not easy and pretty much depressing as hell, to sit back every day and watch others enjoy the splendors of the Bright lights and big city (Global Corporate Greed)! It causes me to question, what is wrong with me from the inside out, but over the years, I have grown to learn, it is just not worth it. No matter how little I have, the little I have is better than all these evil ways.

We are always going to them, why do they never come to us? By joining in this cooperate greed, who are wolves dressed in sheep’s clothing, we promote it and all of its self-defeating ways. Our cooperate leaders have setup these death traps and they serve only two purposes, to provide profits for them and to keep us down.

Even crazier, they make it appear they have everything you need and you are a total idiot for not partaking. How could you not want to be a policeman? How could you not want to be a clergy person, a banker, a lawyer, a school teacher….?

These issues and temptations do not just face bargirls, but all aspiring poverty stricken citizens, crisis and unrest the world over. Our own pride stands in our way.

Why do not we meet this cooperate greed with peaceful resistance? To hell with them and all their economic tricks! How do they benefit you? The only benefits are those who tell lies. That is the only way to clearly send our message. That is the only way for poverty stricken people to save themselves and use their power. That is the only way, this evil system will ever change. That is the only means by which we can bargain and maintain a healthy eco balance. Here, I would like to refer you to some words Be the change you want to see.

Do they laugh with us or at us? We are traitors to our own good health and well-being. I write about this everyday and I invite anyone to join me on my spiritual quest, but never any takers. Why do we keep doing the same old same old, yet expecting a different result?

A decisive change is impending; especially one with the distinct possibility of a highly desirable outcome. We have some very smart and talent people within our communities, but we fail to properly recognize them, so the wolves become the victor.

Clean-up and keep it clean! and that will reveal our next step. The world needs far more INTELLIGENT & compasionate people.

(((your inner

I am broadening this comment to include Police and Bars, and all other illegal activities! Comment: Secondly, the links between the police and the dance bars are well documented. The police have been accepting bribes for years, and in fact, many prominent policemen own these bars. Crime will be spawned wherever it is given the opportunity to do so. It's the responsibility of the lawmakers to uphold the law, whether it involves shutting the bars on the deadline, arresting illegal aliens, or preventing prostitution.

Thirdly, I think the word exploitation needs to be defined here. To me, it is far more exploitative to throw a woman out of the only job she has ever known, rather than to allow her what she does in a safe environment. Not all dance bars exploit women.

In fact, throwing thousands of women on the street with no options for employment, is far more exploitative. Remember, many of these women are illiterate, have many dependants, are alcoholic, and in no position to return to their villages. They have been rendered absolutely helpless, thanks to one's man's desperate attempt to garner votes. - vfthna

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