My New House and Family

How do you introduce us to the rest of the world? Having someone to help sort it all out?

I’ve always enjoyed being in the home of my aunt and uncle. There was something special about the way they lived. It seems they had everything a family could want and I enjoyed watching how they worked with it. It was a distinct pleasure for me to be there being apart and helping. But this time I was to stay, but I wasn’t sure how. Will they be happy with me? I tried to be very obedient.

Immediately I had a man in my life and I took to my uncle and it seems he was glad to have a helping hand. He took pleasure in teaching me everything he knew because he saw I took pleasure in learning. He had cars, house,  refrigerator with food and drink, telephone, tv, hogs, chickens, hunting dogs, boat… A former baseball player and boxer, he was a self-employed skilled Painter and had access to some of the most beautiful homes in town. He made me his apprentice and we grew in love from there. He even played with me, with the goal of "living a better and more abundant life". Everything I was missing in my house I now had in my aunt’s house for which I was very appreciative.

After a while, living there had to be explained, people wanted to know what happened and why I was living with them? It didn't matter to me because it was happening to me. On Sunday we went for rides in the country and had cake and ice cream. We painted, fished, hunted, gardened, it was just always busy and my aunt appreciated that.

She was a great home maker and always prepared beautiful meals, as she was affectionately know as the Guardian for the Old Governor's Mansion.

I became his driver, people started to see me different because I was doing something different and more meaningful than just playing childish games all day.  All that stuff I wanted to do to help my family, I was now learning. I saw what happens when a family works together.

I got to experience Christmas and never will forget when I got the first thing for which I asked. Before, Christmas was receiving whatever someone would give you, like fruit, cap pistols, nothing real nor really wanted.

I was so appreciative, not for all they did for me, but for all they shared with me. Living with them was a confirmation this lifestyle was meant for me. I didn't ask for this but I always knew it was for me and I was no longer in the midst of chaos and confusion. There was now someone to help me sort it all out.

To kill all the gossip in my small town, my uncle now introduced me as "his boy" and my aunt would rare back in approval. They brought stability to my life and I brought joy to theirs.

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My Transition

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The best info is the info we share!

New! Comments

The best info is the info we share!