The Old Governor's Mansion

Olivia at the front door, The Old Governor's Mansion, Milledgeville

1 July 1947 - 30 April 1980 (retired)

What other person has made such sacrifice, given so much time, attention, detail, dedication and hard work to the Old Governor's Mansion than Olivia Thomas? Money is easy to give, but 39 years, serving (((five))) different Presidents. Just imagine the History, and that history being connected to you. I mean these kind of people made a difference for you and I, of your life and not a tell tell sign? Where are the signs, their credit, why all the one-sided stories, why is the domestic help, which is more important, less important? NOw, if that ain't some stupid shit. And then you want me to believe every damn thing you se. Your truth, your education, your stores, towns, mannerisms, clothes, fashion... But where is mine? Think about that shit!

(33) years, actually (39) because she worked another 6 years part time. You do that and you tell there are no jobs and it's all my fault, but what about them. why do you make them your unsung heroes? When they were your real heroes, people on whom you claimed you depended and now, you don't want to remember shit?

Talking Dead Beat DAds, how many do claim, pay taxes for....?

Olivia dedicated 39 years of her beautiful life, family, friends, tourists and would be special guest to what is now The Old Governor's Mansion and Georgia College and State University, its Leaders, First Families and to what it is today, at Milledgeville.

Has any other person, be it governor, college president or otherwise, served the old governor's mansion for so long? Can, does anyone of them beat that? She was just that good.

During Olivia's tenure the mansion served as the home for presidents of Georgia State College for Women, the Women's College of Georgia, Georgia College and since 1996, what is now, Georgia College & State University.

As Guardian, Olivia was Domestic Worker, later Tour Guide for inhabitants, visitors, tourists and guest of honor to the Old Governor’s Mansion and had nothing but praise for her work.

During her tenure, Olivia faithfully served five College Presidents and their families. As Georgia College and State University family member, what are the rewards for being such a dedicated and faithful care-giver?

Dr. Guy H. Wells

Dr. Henry King Stanford
"The whole Stanford family joins me in this warm expression of our best wishes to you"

Dr. Robert E. Lee

Dr. J. Whitney Bunting
"In our estimation no historical residence has ever been so properly managed as the Old Governors Mansion"

Dr. Edwin G. Speir, Jr.
"Your dedicated service has helped to maintain stability of enrollment and support services as well as high educational quality at Georgia College."

The National Trust for Historic Preservation has a logo of an eagle guarding our heritage.

If ever the Mansion had a guardian, it has been OLIVIA. She has earned that title through her dedication. For 39 years her dependability has been constant.

Always in attendance when expected, ever punctual, and thoroughly cognizant of her duties, she has set her own standards of excellence.

This has been evident to the casual tourist, local residents, and members of the Georgia College family.

Her position will be filled, but Olivia will not be replaced! Certainly we could all learn "Pride of Place" from this Special person.

In the minds of those of us who have known Olivia through the years, here is a poem dedicated to her.

As her son, I will share with you a poem drafted by some the more influential residents during those times. They must have known there would be no glorious reward or legacy, commemorating the excellent work of Olivia.

This poem was written to commemorate Olivia's work and includes the names of the five presidents, under which she served: Wells, Stanford, Lee, Bunting and Speir.

Thank you all for so many wonderful memories.

Olivia Butts Thomas

Only "thirty-nine years" at the Mansion ---

How can it be?

For she is a WELLSpring of knowledge for all to see.

She STANds for duty, constancy, and loyalty.

LEEding the way she wears the BUNTING proud for G. C.

May she SPEIRhead into retirement with the same vitality.

Last but not least, my father, Otis Edward Thomas was proud of his loving wife and chef.

The record says 33 years but we all know it was 39 years. It was 1986 when Olivia finished at the Old Governors Mansion...Art

An Extraordinary Lady and Guardian, Olivia was also a dedicated community worker and served with the following local organizations.

Eastern Star

Sons of Wisdom Daughters of Light

Wesley Chapel AME Church

Sallie Davis Foundation

Milledgeville Heritage Foundation

One of the last from her generation of “A Very Precious Few”.

I bet her maintaining so well had to do with her recipes. Recipes of Olivia

May God bless and keep us and may our lives and work, continue to speak highly of us.

Posted by her son, Art
The Historical Parade

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