Golden Gloves 1934, The Greatest Bout

The Greatest Round in All Golden Gloves. The last story in a series of Golden Gloves fights

Otis Thomas, south side slugger, beat Max Marek in the greatest of Golden Gloves in 1934, The last story in a series of Golden Gloves fights of the past "1934" heavy-weight finals.

Marek attacked Thomas' mid-section. Soon he had the Negro in distress. Marek rushed, threw punches from all angles with a spirit hardly any human could endure.

Thomas met this vicious attack with countering blows. The final two minutes was a slugging match. They stood toe to toe and punched with both hands until the bell.

Thomas received the VICTORY. by Art Thomas, Son.

Also during that time, Joe Louis won Chicago's 175 pound championship that night.

Question: Who did Joe Louis knockout and where was the bout fought to become the world's heavyweight champion in 1937?

It's in this article which is a authentic clipping taken from a 1934 newspaper. My mom saved it.

otis thomas

max marek

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