Working Family Members

Don't hire family members-"delusional"

Why can’t we work family members? Why can’t family members work together?

Small business is the back bone of America and any other land for that matter. However, the question of “working with family members” continue to haunt us. Why cannot we work with family members? ONly a "backwards ass people" would think like this.

Have you heard some of the horror stories told by business owners who hired family members? Working with members of your family has the potential to be a very trying, sticky and challenging job. It can bring out the best in you or it could be to your demise. Before you decide to work with a family member or for a family-run business, there are many factors you should be sure to take into consideration.

Working with family members is no different from working with anyone else. We used to do it, but for some reasons we’ve grown away from that practice. Mostly, because we’re seeking independence from each other. We are so jealous, we want to shine/triumph over other family members. We start out with the wrong attitude and work against each other. How can you be trying to get closer, yet further apart, at the same time.

How were you trained? Did your parents train you all to work together? Why would you want to try any other way? You say it all starts at home, does that exclude you? Family unit is the basis for everything we do, yet most of us are no better informed about our family members. As a matter of fact, we are more divided than ever and that is why we have so many problems coming together.

Stubborn and Bull Headed, to family members, yet loyal and obedient to our enemies? We take orders from anyone else, accept family members. A boss can tell you to get on a plane, go to Europe and you would embrace that opportunity. However, if a family member told you to get on a plane and go to Africa, you would rebel like hell, to the point of disowning your family. Now, what kind of fucking family loyalty is that?

Another is too many of the same family members on the same job, maybe reason for that family to monopolize the industry. We need to deal with that as it arises, just as we deal with all other problems, as they arise. Families should welcome other families, for we cannot get around that. We are all family.

Our bosses dictate more to us than family. Money talks, bullshit walks and you wonder why you struggle like hell.

Alcohol and drugs are proof. Something we knew natural has been taken away and used against us. Standards right, our standards are set so low, all we do must be approved by them. Well, who screwed it up? Why is our water quality less, why do I now need a USDA certified paper confirming the water quality is acceptable, when it was acceptable from the beginning?

Who fucked it up? Working with family members, we must find the root of the problem and deal with it. The root of the problem is we have allowed family members to feel they do not need each other, yet we’re blaming all this other shit. IF you do not stand of something you will fall for anything.

Who educated your family before you had all this phony education bullshit? Why did you abandoned their teachings? Did you take the bait, thinking and wanting to be better...? Did you want your children to be better than you by putting them through this backwards ass education system? Are you teaching better than what your parents taught you? That's it!

Why can’t we work family members? Why can’t family members work together? We must make a change if we are to survive, while all we do starts at the family level. While all the reasons we do what we do is for the family. IF we ever want to work together as a community, country..., we must first work together as a family.

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