Working for The Enemy

Call a spade, A coon, Not Qualified, But what is a dollar worth to you.

Is it worth your soul? Really! Would you standby while they Hang-a-Nigger?

Who the hell is the enemy? Is he truth or lie? Is He heaven or hell? For what incentive do we work? Mine is to be free of all the stupid bullshit. I don’t think money, education… or any other thing will be right as long as you accept “bullshit”. How can it be any other way?

What is my cutoff date for working for the enemy? Who the hell is the enemy? Have you ever attempted to describe “for who we are working”? Boss, would a boss lead you wrong? What about the moral and ethical behavior of your leaders, employers, bosses and clergy? Is it above and beyond? Are they any different from you? How are they worthy? How do they prove themselves? You do. As I look at the world around us, I’m ashamed of the work the supposedly “responsible people” have neglected – their responsibilities. Who’s responsibility was to wipeout Native Americans, enslave a whole race of people…, if that is not neglect then what is? And above it all, you think doing all of that is going to save your ass. You think you’re superior, a superior being, race, people. Is that how really dumb and stupid you really are? You want us to believe all that bullshit.

, now I ask you, for what, why? She calls our employers “the enemy” and I agree? But do we really think about what it is exactly we’re doing?

I was told about an African who said, “You can successfully work with your enemy”. But can your enemy successfully work with you? He absolutely refuses to work “for you”? Do you understand him? An enemy who “will not” work with you and absolutely “will not for you? Now, if that was me, you would have been left my ass? You would have tried to take back everything you shared? You would divorce me? You would call me a Dead Beat Dad, uneducated black man, lazy, good for nothing NIGGERS, who’s even not good enough to enter in presence in no room or space in the universe? blacks are not allowed?

Is that why Black folk are so easily enslaved? Would I be an angry black man, can’t read nor write? Who in the hell, in their right minds would work for their enemies? Would Black folk give me any credit? Would they say I am above and beyond or no good?

What are the implications of working for the enemy? We justify working for our enemies, with a roof over our heads, food…all the necessities of life. Do you understand why your enemy appreciates you so? The worse they treat you, the more productive you are.

Why do you even feel any sense of comfort or prosperity in even entertaining the notion of working for your enemy?

Fighting your enemy? Do we work for our enemies because we’re too afraid to fight him? Is he smarter that us? Can he produce for us what we cannot produce for ourselves?

Happy and depressed as hell. The problem is I cannot keep up with myself. The harder I work, the less I accomplish? What do I have to show for it?

As I look back over the years, it has finally hit me, for all the shit I did, all of the shit I’ve accomplished, today, I’m sitting here with everything I need, looking stupid. Is what I’m using to measure my accomplishments mean anything?

What is breakfast, what do I do to prepare it and who’s going to join me at my table? What will we do? Will it be the same ole same old? Do I have time?

You can learn and dream all about how it should be, but when it comes right down to it, what will you do? How do you keep misery away? How do you embrace and maintain Happiness? Will my emotional roller coaster get the best of me?

So what should I use to measure my accomplishments – education, age, job, health…?

First there is all the shit, they said I had to do, all the shit I thought I had to do and then there were all the mistakes I made and now, I do not know what the hell is going on, because my emotions have been robbed. I have robbed myself of my own emotions, to a point I can no longer be trusted. People just take my shit? I no longer care about setting the table, a well balanced meal, romance…

I’ve lost control and they just come into my home, rape, pillage and burn. Is that what your kids do to you when they are grown?

What are the duties and obligations of Parents? Should your children be a burden on you? Where is the oneness, working together…. Is it all a lie?

So, I'm not college material? I don't have a degree from your school? Do you know what kind of stress that caused to our fore-parents? Do you know what just the thought of all that bullshit has done to our families, culture....does any of that bother you?

Until I watched humans die slowly! That is why I call us some real stupid dumb asses?

Who's breeding who? Do you really think they give-a-shit? Then, why do you dress-up like they do? Once and for all,,,, Why don't you take-off your dumb-ass mask? Reveal your real self? Now, you know who the devil really is? and he'll be that until you wake-up..

PRAYING FOR CHANGE. ((((your inner

(((your inner

Why work???

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