The Mind, A Mind

The source of all possibilities.

Wisdom is revealed through the mind. The mind is the processing center for our bodies. It’s constantly giving guidance keeping time and body functions in balance. If I burn myself, my mind tells me which direction to run — who, what, when, where, why and what I need to do to fix it. How fast to snatch the hand back?

Then, why are we so easily fooled? How good are we at listening, processing, accepting or rejecting? Look at your life, is it what it should be? Are there gaping holes? Compare it to all the things you understand you are supposed to be doing? Instead of getting ahead, does it seem like we are getting in deeper and deeper over our heads. Only you know the frustration.

Even I consider myself good, when I look around what good does that do me? Am I on house arrest?

On life’s journey, how many people lose faith, hope and love along the way? We’ve been dealt so many blows, had so much heartache and pain we no longer know which way to go, consequently we end up where we are noaw. We are settling for far, far less than our full potential. Some recover but many do not.

Is this what you want to pass on to the next generation? Further, what are you going to do when you get older, when your physical attributes starts change? Will your life be thrown off-balance?

When we have failed to heed all our senses, it is our mind that helps us figure things out. In life there are huge opportunities for sharp minds.

I do not know, but I have faith if I help you, then somebody will help me. So here we go. A good mind is a terrible thing to waste and time is running. As I move into new circles and to new breakthroughs, I am confident that love guides me. I am open to improving my life and discovering greater meaning and purpose, so Today I step out of my comfort zone. I will turn my desires for improvement into action. Wisdom enables me to anticipate good and discover new ways to bring it into my life.

Practice, you really must keep the mind exercised or it will prematurely get a little sluggish on you. There are huge opportunities for sharp minds.

If I can visualize it, I can achieve it. I can do this; I have all I need and I am ready, willing and able! --

Thinking is the art of getting and keeping the mind, body and soul on one accord.

(((your inner

Suggestive Thinking and Subliminal Messages.

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