Self Righteous


Am I Self Righteous? Who's right, who's wrong?

I thinking, first, what does that mean?

"Everybody so self righteous! No one can be humble"

If everyone learned how be respectful, show good manners, have true compassion & really truly try to understand before making judgements, the world would be much more peaceful place.

How do I know I am not self righteous? Get over yourselves and look at the bigger picture of life. You are just one person out over 6 billion people on this planet.

A good thought is: Not so much seek … to be understood, as to understand. Be open to greater understanding in my life, and pray world leaders find and understand what binds us together rather than what tears us apart.

We were all born here, live here and will all die here. Why is that so hard for everyone to understand?

Who is it that wants to listen, first to themselves then to others? Building a better people to build a better country.

(((your inner


A Righteous Man

Right and Wrong

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