Relationships are connections we have with life and all that life has to offer. We want peaceful and harmony in our relationships. Safety and security!

This requires a good attitude, going to great lengths and frequent forgiveness; principles which run counter to what our society dictates. Many relationships are ruined before we ever leave the crib. Then there is school, life and death. We pass our same old broken spirits on to the next generation.

There is nothing worse than a relationship gone bad, people who hate people or people unable to commit. Generally speaking, relationships start out 50/50 so responsibility for relationshps breakups fall on both parties. How mature are you? Do you know what to do in order to fix your problems? Are you willing and is it worth it?

We start out even but somewhere along the lines things get out of balance. One party starts to feel taken advantage of. In getting closer, we often push each other further apart. We don't notice until it's too late. By that time it is often better to let go than hold on. Despite our best efforts, peace escapes us. However, we can not compromise these principles.

An attitude of "peace no matter what". That affects who you become.

When genuine feelings are repressed, resentment and hurt get buried, for the sake of pretending all is well. The result will be emotional turmoil or an explosive release of frustration. Neither are healthy.

To live in peace and harmony, start your relationships that way, take time and approach each situation openly and honestly. People respect you for being you.

Security in a relationship lies neither in looking back, or to what it was in nostalgia, and nor forward to what it might be...but living in the present relationship and accepting it as it is now, building one brick at a time.

Are our relationships any different in church? What is Church?

(((your inner

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