One side say expectations are good to have, others say, do not have expectations because you can be disappointed. Expect one thing and get another, the unexpected. I am not sure?

What about my expectations? Where do I put them? I need it and I need it now!

I expect a lot of stuff for Christmas, birthdays....I am hungry, do I expect man to feed me? I am naked, do I expect man to clothe me? I need shelter, do I expect a man to shelter me?

Do I expect a good job, to be treated fairly, to be given....???

When my expectations are in man, I am most often disappointed. Man can easily tire of supplying me. I must buy his clothes, food and shelter. I must earn his money... I must go to his school. It seems with man, there are always stupid tricky conditions to meet and conflicts to overcome. For my every need, man is often short and selfish on supplies. Man wants us to be dependent upon him.

When my expectations are in God, I am supplied. There is food, clothing and shelter enough to go around... With God, my only condition is faith and works. My only conflict is from within. I came into this world without expectations and I was feed, clothed and sheltered. When did it stop? When I became an adult? No, those things are still provided and the only thing changing is, I have learned how to acquire them and now, I am providing them. Just as people are born, people die every day and they do not carry one thing with them.

In our expectations of humans, be patient, just as God has been with us.

In our spiritual expectations, expect and claim it. Keep the faith and continue working. The world was not created for us to expect, our expectations are already met, far beyond our expectations.

My soul, wait thou only upon God; for my expectation is from him.

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