Inner Peace is Found Anywhere

Today, Sunday, 9/30/12, I interrupted a friend during her meditation.

She explained how she hesitated to break her peace to answer her cell so she sought advice from the Neteru. She answered because she’d been informed that it was a good interruption; we had not talked in a few days due to our schedules.

She shared with me her surroundings where she was meditating. She was in her company van parked, listening to her meditation CD, with incense burning and candle lite, at peace within Amen Ra. She told me that she was remembering our conversations about peace within oneness when we listen to the Spirit of the Most High through our inner voice which she was doing and feeling at the time. She was reminiscing about the ritual she use to go through to meditate and how she didn’t need to go through the ritual now, when she heard my ring tone.

We talked about the ability to tap our Oneness at anytime and anyplace; how Oneness can be achieved within a blink of an eye, even in a company van waiting for your next assignment call to come in. We must know that it only takes is a few sincere thoughts to reach Oneness which brings instant bliss.

Why do we think we need to go to church, a Hall, Mosque or Temple to communicate with the “Most High/Father/Amen Ra/God” that lives within us? Do you remember how the thought of God being outside of you was put in your head?

During our conversation, we admitted we are contributor to an unjust system. We discussed knowing that until we decided to step into our greatness which our inner voice has been directing us to do, we continue to contribute an unjust system every time we spend our paychecks. This is real. This is acknowledging our truth, not living in denial…

We know by putting the information we receive into action to help others from a silent Oneness meditation, we walk into our greatness which will manifest into abundance that meets all of our needs. No Longer will we feel the need to look outside of ourselves for help from a system that has not been successful with ensuring Human rights to everyone. We’ll realize help needs to come from those who understand their oneness and are willing to share their understanding with others. The Most High will place these people in our paths. Why pass on what has not been working to ensure Human rights to everyone? Why continue to be a contributor?

Let’s start now to work our way out together by helping each other to build businesses for the future of our children and future generations. You can advertise your business on as well as joining in our conversations.

By using my contact information on My Higher Consciousness you can let my business help you satisfy your meta-physical and spiritual needs for:
• Crystals:
o Amethyst
o Ametrine
o Carnelian
o Clear, Rose and Smoky Quartz
o Ruby
o Hematite
o Sodalite
o Selenite
o Tiger eye
o Tourmaline
o Turquoise

• Herbal Soaps:
o Lavender – used to attract love, protection, peace, sleep, purification, happiness, longevity, chastity.
o Patchouli – Used to attract money, people, prosperity, lust depending on wearer.
o Stasia’s protection blend for females– lily, lilac, jasmine, primrose oils.
o Stasia’s protection blend for males with basil, rosemary, patchouli, lotus oils.
o Corkiyana’s Herbal Love fragrance used for love and protection of Self with Rose, Rose Quartz, Lavender, Lilac, Primrose and Orris root oils. This fragrance is excellent for a bath salt as well as soap.
o Your special blend
Herbal Sea salts are made to order by adding your favorite fragrance when ordering.

Essential Oils information Sekhmet King’s website

Proverbs 3: 5-6

Blessing are always provided

Friday the 13th

My Higher Consciousness

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Oct 16, 2012
Come Now Unto Me
by: Sekhmet "Light" King

Sister Sekhmet shared how the healing powers of crystals emcompasses the field of energetic waves that heal the mind, body and soul...she offered to give of herself through Oneness to help those ready to see, hear and feel - when one is given the light do not turn from it

Also, include the power and healing properties of essential oils "aromatherapy", crystal healing and meditation...the experience is profound once you understand how to go inside the self to begin the healing and cleansing process

learn more:

Oct 10, 2012
Prepared to listen ready to EXCEL
by: Renenet Sekhmet

Sekhmet (Queen) King, you are right,the time is here. It is why many Light-workers have come now to awaken our people from the sleep placed upon them through miseducation. Light-workers will come from many walks of life expressing truth from their inner voice. 2012 brought in the energy to manifest changes when we utilize it properly... know thyself in Oneness!

Oct 10, 2012
by: Sekhmet King

In Oneness we ahutomatically know and hear the others call
Thank you for supporting it is already done and returned unto you....

Oct 10, 2012
Prepared to listen ready to EXCEL
by: Sekhmet King

Four years "of undoing" miseducation, misinformation, misperception among other things, is now coming to reveal itself. 2010 I was told to prepare and get ready for the next two years would be learning the truth, oneness and power from within. 2012 would be the launch pad - check this numerically....expansion expanion expanion.

Now finally connecting witb my southern hemp sister Sekhmet it all comes in place! It is time to take over and pull the cover from the eyes of our people.

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