Control Your Inner Voice

How do you control your inner voice?

You can not control your inner voice. You can control what voice you choose to respond to and you can control your response, by learning how to be an independent and innovative thinker.

Listen carefully and that takes very good listening skills. Practice discipline, good people skills and stay tuned to your faith to help minimize confusion.

Be careful of the company you keep. It is easy to believe in something that sounds good when you are around people. People are zealous to win you over, but for no good. They want to alienate you, so you may be zealous for them. It is fine to be zealous, provided the purpose is good, and to be so always and not just when you are in a group.

Early on, family members and law have a great influence on what you learn to accept. Some do allow for the development of independent and innovative thinking. Then, you must learn to deal with the intervention of a spouse, the loss of those who were closely involved in your life and then, you must learn to deal with your worse enemy--Yourself. Patience is a virtue.

Learning independent and innovative thinking, which is the same as listening to your inner voice, requires a supportive environment. When you have little experience dealing with independent and innovative thinkers, as superiors and subordinates, you have a handicap. When you are alone you become more vulnerable. When you have not practiced depending on your own interpretations, you will not be prepared. To change, expect to go through an adjustment period, a weaning period and a learning period. That is why is so important to have a good spiritual foundation.

Humble your heart to experience freedom and sense of purpose, only as you know it. Humility Greater than, Less than.

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