Zen Habits makes you lazy


Zen Habits and the Art of Life

Sitting around studying Zen Habits makes YOU lazy as hell! Not because Zen Habits are bad or so; but because the time you spend studying Zen Habits could be much better spent studying your own irrational and unexplainable thoughts and behaviors. And we are too slow changing.

Does knowing all the Zen Habits or any other habits above your own, make you wiser? What happened to those of your parents and ancestors? For what are you searching? How do you discover it? Do you need someone else to tell you? Can they?

What good does it do to read these words? Every day, I study in order to become more proficient in the Art of LIfe. What do I study? I study those things coming to me.

Others also study, but the Art of Life seem to escape them. And even more profound, they impose their corrupted ideas and thoughts on the rest of us consumers and we have become nothing less or more than a consumers.

It is primarily do to our failure to study those things coming to us from within. Therefore, we fail to get understanding as we spend too much time and effort trying to force ourselves to understand others, those things coming from without. Look how long we go to school and come out even dumber! Something has to change. Do you know what that is?

How can we learn better? We will not know better until we start to do better. Those with the power to impose have no reason to treat us any better until we better treat ourselves.

What Creator is better than the one who created you? Be true unto yourself.

Why do you need a Zen habit or any other kind of book, written by man, to tell you who, what, when, where, why about what you need to do? How do the Ants know?

Is it because you do not trust yourself? Is it because you are overwhelmed with fear? Is it that you just don’t know? Are these your excuses? Do you need another human being to hold your hand and guide you in doing what you are supposed to do? Are you nothing more than a Robot? Are you not responsible? How will you ever learn, what you do not want to know? How can you know what you refuse to study and learn?

How can you lead when you do not understand what you are following? How can you discover your own sense of creativity and innovation if you cannot reach them?

The truth is “You are too lazy like everyone else and your excuse is, You have not found ways to overcome your laziness or figured out how to use your laziness to work for you. And you never will until you actually start to practice. Until that, the study of Zen and any other shit will always be your excuse.

If you do not listen to yourself, how can you hear anybody else? Don’t you already know more than you’ll ever want to know and you do absolutely nothing about that? Zen Habits are another excuse for your negligence.

Wake UP! My thing is to encourage you to listen to yourself. Study those things and they are enough to keep you occupied for the rest of you life. Life is a journey. That is the first and hardest step to doing anything you want to do. Just like the creator of Zen Habits, you too can be a Great Creator, but only if and when you start listening to yourself, your own inner voice.

The nature of my work has taught me to remain calm in a crisis, to respond quickly in emergencies and to think ahead. I do yoga and meditate almost daily; they help relieve stress and connect me to something bigger than myself. If that is the case, why aren't we connecting? Why are you doing that to realize people are suffering all around you everyday? Does it stop with your JOB? Is your spiritual nature just another extra-curricular activity? Get serious!

Which is better, your thoughts and ideas, based on your inner voice or your thoughts and ideas based upon Zen, the Bible and other manmade sources? Do you need to go through all that to get and stay in touch with your real self? Or is that you keep voting for the wrong people? What happens to your own abilities to reason and rationalize. What happens to your efforts to bring about peace and harmony?

Does learning start from within or without? That is the Art of LIfe. That is what makes our picture so beautiful. Us and All our differences mystically come together when we practice them and that is the most beautiful picture TODAY, not yesterday.

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