Life on the Clock

The Clock is it more harmful than good? Here the word clock refers to a mechanical device monitored and used communicate the passing of time.

What was the problem prior to us implementing the clock?

Those of us who are firm believers in the clock and it systems, as a means of keeping up with time place ourselves in the category of being punctual. But it has come to me that this punctual lifestyle brings us more harm than good. The rhythm of our society has most recently become our obsession to live  by the mechanical clock we created.

Practically, every human being has a mechanical clock, which is a change from just a few years back, when hardly a man had a clock. It  just amazing how we so eagerly embraced the notion of monitoring time with a mechanical device. It seems the ideal along would indicate a more complicated process or deterrent to  an already impossible task. However, we've convinced ourselves against our own wisdom and call it good, innovative progress. So, what can you do after learning the very society in which you were born, raised and now a mature adult, practice ways which are detrimental to all mankind?

How could something appearing to be so simple and helpful as a clock be fatally harmful to an entire people who embrace it? 

Time is our most valuable resource and any form of abuse of it is not only seriously detrimental to our health, our survival but counterproductive and a down right a waste of even more valuable resources. 

The next hindrance is being the  bearer of good news to your society, which contradicts what your own society has implemented, causing you to be considered an enemy and isolated from your own society. 

A clock is the first step to putting yourself at the mercy of someone you don't even know. Do you know how they get their statistics or do you just accept what they say they concluded? Were we off track?

A clock gives you the impression you have more time, but when it comes right down to it, you do not have enough time and after 50 plus years of the clock we have evolved into society stressed by never having enough time, not even for each other.

The clock was not working good enough so we introduced the alarm and then snooze and in a last ditch effort to be on time and to have more time to be on time??? we introduced "daylight savings time". Now, we really cannot keep up with our own time, much less our natural clocks. Our natural clocks has come to be a hindrance and truly contradicts our efforts to be punctual.  It has seriously hampered our ability to get up and go when ready. We no longer know what ready really is.

Your thinking ability and your ability to think is severely hampered from depending on a clock, which you cannot depend on anyway. And the less punctual we are, the more pressure and punishment we put on ourselves. 

We have 3 shifts operating 24 hours a day and we produced significantly less and the quality of what we produce is significantly less, as a matter of fact our manufacturers have outsourced much of our work due to less profits.

Now, you have got people cheating the clock, then people pissed and things constantly escalating from there. Where does this vicious cycle end, even our worship services are dictated by the clock. Is there a difference between the natural clock and our mechanical clock and which is naturally more beneficial?

All the changes or advances have been made without regard to the old believers.

We think we're getting better at managing time but realizing our management of time is causing our life to spiral out of control. Just absolutely not as much time as we planned with the clock.

(((your inner

More time for what?

The world of time

YOUR inner voice

Right here, Right now.


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The best info is the info we share!

New! Comments

The best info is the info we share!
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