My Journey To Truth

by Sekmet, MSW
(Washington, DC)

Ashe Brother Art,

First I must give thanks to Corinne Teixeira for sharing you with wonderful the Universe is to open up and connect those that need to meet and give back to the people.

I shall not be too long with my story, but I'm knowing I must release it from my mind out onto this page and to those that have an eye to see, an ear to hear and a heart to feel...

I believe we are portals that arrive here through our parents in this human form..we chose our parents and then have learned from them, the good and the bad..we must take it upon ourselves to do what is needed to grow and develop from the information we have gotten from them and our surroundings.

What we experience through our time here in this realm must be is our story however we look at it..Some have had wonderful lives and others (depending on how one views it) maybe not so is full of challenges good and bad, yet it is up to each one of us to decide how we chose to deal with what is in front of us...

Everything is Consciousness and we are the creators of our lives - Shift is always possible it is a given if one knows how to go inside and pull on it.

This is what I believe is taking place right now - the people are waking up from a deep deep slumber and those inner voices are screaming out with joy...

My journey has been one that has taken awhile for even me to realize what was happening, but when I came into "Oneness" all things changed. I knew that I had a gift, a connection if you will, but wasn't sure of what it was....

Still listening and learning and even undoing things from the past that need to be released..Yes, I have arrived at the healing place and looking forward to being of good service to the Universe.


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Apr 16, 2013
Be Still
by: Sekhmet Light

Be of the challenges so many of us have is waiting for moment when you know you know..We live in a right now world, in this space and time we need immediate gratification. Despite the consequences, results or the lack of results, the possible hurt and pain, the joy or lack there of. But, if we could just be still, just be still to really hear what the wind is whispering, what the soul is tapping into..if we could just be still.

This is when we enter the realm of peace, love, harmony, justice, serenity, awesome englightenment, power, divinition and oneness.

Oct 22, 2012
Released from my MIND
by: Sekhmet King

A very interesting, challenging and moving last few weeks have encompassed me. When you are on a path, a journey, setting goals to achieve/accomplish, it never seems to amaze me how "stuff" takes a direct line of target practice right at you. Maybe you too have experienced this what I like to call the "P2 Effect" Push & Pull + Responsive Behavior=Outcome Result. What?! I know, what in the world does that mean? I like to think of The P2 Effect in this way- hopefully we are on a road to own personal and spiritual development. We are either living or learning how to live life verses life living us. Hopefully we are learning how to manifest the things that are of the 'All Knowing" and we want to happen for us and the world around. When you begin to work from within and hearing what your inner-voice is really speaking to you. When you understand that there is such a powerful energetic force surrounding you, which allows you to "Push" you way through in whatever direction you choose to begin to create from what Abundance has provided, something is set in motion. You have now been awakened to the light and power of the All Mighty within you. Yet, you have also awakened the "Pull", which rears it's head because it worked so very hard to keep you drugged, fogged filled mind, confused, hurting, in pain, non-expressive, angry, filled with disdain and resentment.

The "Pull" is awaken to prevent your "Push" The P2 Effect is only interested in how will you will behave, what will be your reaction to the "Push and Pull" Effect. Will you stop and take a look at the "Push" realizing that this is in the highest good. Knowing that this is the right path and journey and to keep focused and going. Or, will you react to the "Pull", telling you to give up and remain in the lower self and lower world.
The behavior response is the free will decision that we each have.

After the last few weeks, I realized that something was out of place, yet I couldn't put my finger on it. I was feeling off balance, out of focus, forgetful, unyielding and tired. Last night it hit me..The P2 Effect was seeking my attention. How was I going to respond? I sought a quiet place, asked the Universe to bring onto me the highest good, reached for my spirit cards, oils and crystals. Knowing that all was well, I was given the word that there was a shift taking place for me. For all of the hard work, time, love and energy that I've given is coming into manifestation. Yes, there is some unease, unbalance, confusion and emotional restlessness, yet this is good. Stay the course and travel the road set before me. ...My word...

So, responding to the "P2" Effect in the Push mode made the behavior of the "Pull" subside.

Take notice of your actions...

Oct 15, 2012
by: Sekhmet-LiIght

Thoughts are absolutely things, there is energy in everything. This was very clear today, as I was going through a low tolerance day. Working through a passing within the family over the weekend, not really sure how to feel about all of that. My attention was on the child that is left behind, first losing a mother at the age of 4 and now a father at 18. My heart was heavy, yet I could hear my angels and inner voice speaking to me saying that all is well and taking care of...

At the time I didn't want to respond to that, maybe I wanted to be sad and hurt for this child at that moment. However, the Intention for a word from someone who had the heart to feel the eye to see and ear to listen must have been sent fourth...because there was a voice message on my phone when I arrived home from my Spirit Mentor, Sekhmet....she heard my call....

You see, everything is Consciousness!!

Oct 04, 2012
~Truth is in the asking~...
by: Margrett Dawson Wallace

Jehovah God promises wisdom to those who ask. Knowledge and understanding may be beyond us. Most often, when we pray for wisdom, God calls us into fellowship with believers who can provide an answer, but whom we may not like. God has given generously, but we will not submit ourselves to the Body of Christ to receive it!...never to live this life again...

Sep 21, 2012
So It Is Said So It Is Done
by: Sekhmet-LIght

Thoughts are things...riding along an unseen to the naked eye frequency wave - a radio antenna/satellite listening for what one speaks and thinks and then attaches itself to that....

You may have heard this said before be careful of what you say and think as it will reveal itself and come to pass.. ABSOLUTELY!!! So, knowing this begin to speak and think TRUTH to POWER, Creative Wellness and Goodness, GREATNESS over your life and others...See how things will begin to change..BELIEVE

Sep 19, 2012
my journey to truth
by: Art

I am having problems commenting on my own website. The comments I shared, I do not see, so I am picking it up from here.

First, I want to thank Sekmet for her profound, open and honest sharing and I want to challenge all my readers to do the same. How else can we learn?

Release, Relate, Relax are words that resonate with me, but not sure how to implement them in my daily living,,, due to all the pressure to do otherwise.

That tells me I must learn and practice with those who know. WE must get out of this together, while it does absolutely no good, one at a time.

So how were they so successful in moving the masses into slavery in such a short time... We must do the same thing to get the fuck out... ARe you afraid to do back to them what they do to you?

I would have freed thousands more had they know they were slaves. Release, Relate and Relax

Sep 18, 2012
my journey to truth
by: Art

Hi Sekmet, thank you and welcome. Your words are so profound and I know there is a message in there for me somewhere- release, relate and relax, because they resonate with me.

The problem is how do i do that, when "all" forces I encounter are against it? It seems all they want is whats good for them and fuck everybody else. They tell me every man for himself, yet we are a herd... How can we be a strong herd like that.

Every bone in my body tells me to resist these efforts, in exchange for working together. How do we get our people working together? Women, children... how???

Not working together to get on TV, but working together to provide for each other and it all starts at the top, with our cheating ass so called professionals.

I love your words and am working to see how they manifest themselves in my life, when I am open to them...Art

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