Bad news Racism and Women

What kind of coach are you when your team is constantly bringing bad news?

What does that say about your team? It ain't as bad as you think it is.

What is the decision making process? What about sophisticated excuses, we think people accept. Is that why we never know? Is that why we're surrounded by people who inhibited. They never keep shit straight. Implications, a shock to the system.

Bad News Racism and Women Rights??? How does bad news get to be bad? Is it when you walk away feeling wounded, not knowing you have been cut?

What must you do to get “perfect attendance” or “good conduct”?Bad news is bad enough by itself, but did you know bad news gets even worse when it comes from Black folk and that even gets worse when it comes from a Woman, in particular, a Black Woman.

No matter the importance of the information, it seems to get worse through racism and change in gender. Empty, helpless, anger, betrayal, misunderstanding and lack of interest are just a few of the words that come to mind. What about Black on Black crime?

What happens when you commit to something you really wanted to do and something comes up where you can’t do it? I mean you really wanted this thing to happen, would you reschedule or try your best to make the necessary adjustments to squeeze it in?

It takes courage to think and say what’s on your mind, truth.

The reason I mentioned all this race and gender stuff is because it’s true and I would like it to stop. People do what they want. YOu must really want it or otherwise people know you do not, they feel it.

Black people most often are the recipients of bad news, therefore are also the bearers of bad news. Black women are even worse. Just try to get one to be straight. They tell you all about claws, hidden agendas, evil… they really are, when all we wanted to do was get the job done.

So why does getting the job done depend solely on when you are ready? Isn’t that a sign of a weak program?

Is it that black people are supposed to be more than whites and women are supposed to be more than men? What happens when I attempt to tell my utility company I’ve had a change in plans. Will they make the necessary adjustments, cost free? Will they allow you to slip by your past due notices.

Shouldn't bad news end with good news? Lord, please help me to be a better man.

(((your inner

your inner voice and Mrs. Brantley

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