Planning and Ideas

You know!

People holding up the line to heaven with long stories?

Do you know everything is constantly moving, changing even as we speak? How do you keep up? How many cosmos can you successful operate? Exactly, what are you trying to get at Art? Where in the hell are we going? What good is sharing what's on your mind when you ain't going to do nothing about it? Do you know some can't share what's on their mind?

I don't know, why we always tell ourselves we do not know. Now, in a conversation with a third party, you know everything, but when it comes to self?

Have you ever talked to someone for hours and afterwards, you feel like you accomplished nothing. You been waiting for something to happen and just another conversation abruptly ended, no future.

I get tired of hearing problems without solutions, immediate, less get-r-done solutions. You can discuss fifty problems, but you come away doing nothing about any of them. Then, if you do something, you can't communicate it because you are so confused over your own cluttered thoughts. Which do you hold, which do you share, what's holding you back and I wrote Black Men were bad.

Why can't we just take one problem at a time and deal with it, until resolved? How can your problem tomorrow be a problem today? Is it your excuse? Just pondering all the possibilities alone is mind-boggling.

What kind of people do you want to attract, those making things happen or those talking about "what they can't do and doing it"? What are your plans?

Planning and Zoning Committee for Ideas

To what do you attribute your future? We're working in the moment as we work towards the next, so why jeoporadize that? If I cannot help you, I surely ain't going to talk your ears off.

Some say, they don’t like plans and I understand, but do you understand anything above self? It ain't about what YOU want, because you are a part of a larger plan and if you do not plan, well you fail to plan and when you fail to plan, people fail and well you can't be pissed off when the betray your boring ass.

Do something against your will? What's a will? How can you know God's will without first knowing your own? Because you have no plans, no ideas, or excuses why you can't execute them now, does not mean you can better count on tomorrow or further down the road? No growth unless you can grow alone, why would you stop growing until you can get straightened out - team work? Time and tide, who warned them of you plans.

Do you have time to bullshit? What good is it? Why even entertain it? Whose bullshitting who? About what is there to think?

Dancing, how do you get on the same sheet of music? What do you have on your mind? Harder than a black man I keep repeating that because we're to easy to fail planning, but yet desire to avoid failure. Failure is a stepping stone. Why waste valuable time?

How do you get ideas, without first planning? How do you envision yourself, in your role, doing what you do? Is that nothing but talk? Take it for what it is worth. How do you share your visions? Are you giving the people what they need?

While you play games with yourself, get serious, the future of the whole world is in your hands. Just a thought!

Stop trying to make people do what you think and find people doing what you want.

(((your inner

2012, the end!

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