Planned Neglect

Without neglecting others!

Some people just do not care. They would hold you last breath of air, watching you die, if you could not afford to pay them. Even more shocking, our current justice system would applaud their efforts.

Our jobs and daily activities, that lead us away from our faith, consume so much of our time we are neglecting ourselves. We will not admit it, but the need and love for money has got us in denial. We measure our worth based upon the money. It is all has to do with money. Even if you do not have a job, our society demands money. Life nurturing utility bills keep rolling. We can not figure it out otherwise. The very things man created to help his fellow man live a better life are now choking the life out of his fellow man. People just can not keep up! Valuable God given resources are hoarded for the comforts of those with money. Why, would you cut-off life giving water to any human being? Where is the justice in doing that?

Of all the resources available to man, fresh drinking water is one of the greatest. It is availble everywhere and in mass quanities and with proper management, that could be one less worry. People, if we are so good and generous as we profess, should not we provide clean drinking water to each other, at no cost, because that is the way it comes to us. Instead, clean drinking water is getting more scarce and costly by the day. That should be the greatest indicator or our progress to date.

I think it has to do with getting our priorities in order. Do you not think that will really help us to be the people we really want to be? That living within good clear well established boundaries is the key to future success of any people. In our deliberate efforts to reach for the stars, we have gotten well outside of the boundaries that brought us thus far. All those beautiful and simple things to good life and prosperity have taken a back seat to a very disturbing sequence of events. Life is no longer about living and helping to live, but how to take advantage of materially oriented junk.

Everything and anything comes before our spirituality. The scary part is looking into our not so distance future and based on the progress to date, we will have destroyed each other by tomorrow.

In all of our wonderful achievements, we have gotten further and further away from their original purpose and we lost the integrity of the basics skills required for happy, healthy living. We are doing less and less for ourselves. Take parenting for example, we have children and at a very early age, we practice taking them to somebody else for raising because we have got to work. Now, look what that has done for the art of parenting today. Even more profound, look what that has done for our children today. Are we getting closer and living more responsibly or is it more, every person for themselves? What good is going to church when you can not practice it? As a people, are we more dependable and trust worthy?

Everything comes with a price and these prices we have deliberately levied on ourselves, knowing that every citizen can not afford them. To those, we have neglected and cast them out. The question is, can you afford the cost of doing that?

The big fish are preying on the little fish, but be careful with that, because in order to prey upon them you must follow them.

Though we do all those other great and wonderful things and neglect justice and the love of God; it is these you ought to have practiced, without neglecting the others.

Love you, your inner

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