Walking Out

by Margrett Dawson Wallace
(Pelham, Georgia USA)

I always wondered how it was so easy for people to just get up and walk out of your life. My thoughts.....They don't care how you feel, they're not your true friend and the list goes on.

But let the truth be told....people don't just walk out of your life. Jehovah God takes them out so you can have a clear path for what HE has planned for you. Be obedient...love Jehovah God first and He'll put that someone special in your life.

Never to live this life again...

Margrett Dawson Wallace

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Jun 16, 2012
The Blind Man Said "I See" The Wise Owl Said "Who"?
by: Anonymous

They Said...Closing your eyes, keeping your mouth shut… is not going to help these situations. When people go to talking about you, is that a good thing or does it depend on what you’re doing? Do you have a problem balancing the two? What if I took to heart what they said about you, much of which I do see? Do I have to accept it, believe it, take it to heart? Can I look deeper and see those things I adore in you? Content and character goes a long ways with people who want to remain in good healthy relationships...so said Art.

Jun 14, 2012
We can lead a horse to water but we cannot make him drink
by: Anonymous

"I see I see ", said the blind man..."the shoe definitely fits". The last 2 comments are perfect examples of why Art wrote "Keeping your mouth shut".

Jun 14, 2012
Part two: We can lead a horse to water but we cannot make him drink…Comment
by: Margrett Dawson Wallace

Was written in the comment about “Walking Out”…This is when our inner voice will tell us to move on. I wonder if one does receive a replacement after taking advantage of another before one must work through the karma for their actions.

My response continued…Why can’t this BULLSHIT stop, use the invaluable gift of the violet flame, a spiritual fire that 'balances' or re-polarizes negative karma when invoked. With your ‘high consciousness’…you know that through violet flame meditation, one can make amends for negative thoughts and deeds so that the effects do not have to manifest physically in lives. It is an awesome way to accelerate progress on spiritual paths of this journey as well as making life seem generally more positive! If you are not going to help the mule, then get out of the way of those that are helping and not buying…get off the ass and help with ‘Momma needs a new roof’!
On a personal note, I'm grateful for the law of karma. It's affirming to know that God respects me as an individual enough to not let me get away with anything that doesn't make me a better person, and that I'm important enough to receive the value of my loving actions…and yours?..."Karma picks up where the golden rule leaves off. Do unto others as you would have them do unto you - because someday it will be done unto you." Never to live this life again…

Jun 14, 2012
Response to:We can lead a horse to water but we cannot make him drink. NEW
by: Margrett Dawson Wallace

My Karma
I realized that I'm grateful for the law of karma. It is affirming to know that God respects me as an individual enough to not let me get away with anything that doesn't make me a better person, and that I am important enough to receive the value of my loving actions.
The law of karma exists entirely for our own good. It allows us to make progress in our soul's evolution. As you know, the things we think say and do can be positive or negative. In the same way, karma can be positive or negative.
It is also our greatest teacher, making us accountable for what we do and giving us opportunities to learn from our mistakes and make amends.
Some people talk about having 'good karma' and 'bad karma'. I'm not a fan of that kind of labelling, because it encourages us to make judgments about situations (our own or other people's) when we don't have all the background info. We don't know what is happening from the soul's perspective.
We tend to think of all the not-so-nice things we've done in our lives and wonder when they're going to come and bite us in the ass.
The truth is that there is grace and heaven is merciful. We have to be accountable, no question about that, but God never gives us more than we can handle. Has He given you more than you can handle in me…the enslaver…the mule…that has put your ass out to the pasture to graze grass high on the cliff of a mountain, where stairs have to be climb to get to your roots of what you sow you will reap. You do realize there's also the return of positive karma to look forward too. You should know that intrinsically, that doing good deeds is always 'worth it'. Is it not that he is a mule working his “PASSION” not sitting around a computer acting like a human being pretending to be a divine being…bullshit. Give the mule something to work his passion and the same mule will pull your weight and work his passion on your cliff. Well, now you know why - you will receive a return on your energy investment, and the more you put in, the more you'll get out! Did you not look on the right side of the male mule to see that there was a female mule working along beside…helping and doing her own work on the farm/land of the mule’s passion and yielding good on the return of sowing and reaping from seeds planted.
"Every man shall bear his own burden....Be not deceived; God is not mocked: for whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap....Every man shall receive his own reward according to his own labor." Part two [to be continued]
Never to live this life again...

Jun 13, 2012
Walking Out
by: LaShawndra Thomas

Thank you for taking my call last evening. You have never led me wrong. Your advice in the way you expressed him{my friend}walking out on me was very helpful. I will always love and respect you for all you do and have done to help us get our high school diploma. You always believe in us when others don't. Thanks again, your student in the class of 2012.

Jun 13, 2012
We can lead a horse to water but we cannot make him drink.
by: Renenet Sekhmet

Does this indicate the horse is not thirsty, tired of pulling your weight for you, sick of your moaning and groaning while his is doing all of your work, or just tired of the BS and wants it to end?

There are times when we take kindness for weakness and we treat our friends like mules. We take advantage of their kindness and help. We may not do it intentionally; however, we do it consistently.

As I read this article, my thought was the Most High does direct us to move on when we are being used as a mule in place of a slave. There are times when our friends do not recognize the type of friendship/relationship we have. Some friends can have a hidden agenda and may fantasize a friendship/relationship that is not real. We can try to correct their fantasy to no avail. This is when our inner voice will tell us to move on. I wonder if one does receive a replacement after taking advantage of another before one must work through the karma for their actions.

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