A deity of pretty desires, grand entrances, beautiful places and spaces, for the masses...

Where our Queens? Do they even look like what you love or what you cannot have? How do you live to get old, who do you ask? What does mature mean? Just how do you strut your stuff?

Merry, how do you get there when Mary ain't even Merry? Will you get there by following the likes of the people we currently look up to? I'm thinking of Hillary, Nancy, Elizabeth and all these other self-righteous asses who know nothing about love, beauty, pleasure, and procreation. Now, are you understanding where I'm going? Who are we teaching our children to be like? Are we fellow monarchs engaged in the affairs of the state? Then we need to be a deity of pretty desires for the masses to behold. Bringing to life the most intriguing women in the history of the world, was it Merry? Merry crept, Jesus wept.

Are you too busy being too serious about your religion, life and love? Have your “get up and go” “got up and gone”? What’s a man supposed to do? Will we forever miserable be?

How important is that word to you - Merry? She journeyed there with gifts of spices, gold, precious stones, beautiful wood and to test him with questions. What good is it to conquer a people yet remain miserable in hell? In fewer than forty years, these women reshaped the contours of the world. In other words who exactly are you following,

Where are they?

what is it like? How long does it take for you to get where we need to be? Do you measure in terms of material wealth?

Our most accomplished people are presented in terms of awards, how does that make you merry? Before the award, you never heard of them, but their very important work was going on. Why is that?

Then, when you hear of them, it’s too late. The thing I am getting at here is your depression, your state of being and our inability to conquer the seven deadly sins. How severe and how much do you allow it to hold you back, while trying to follow what someone else did? What about your CREATIVITY, your INNOVATION - cheerful?

In the end, you’re surrounded by all this material shit and NOW WHAT? Where is your Merry, your joy, your enthusiasm, excitement, “your get up and go”? Somewhere in all your get up and goings, your get up and go has gotten up and left.

That’s why I write all this crazy shit about “getting back to the basics”, what’s wrong with “exactly what you want to do”? What's wrong with doing it your way? Are you the envy of the world or of your own damn mind?

Haven’t you learned doing it any other way will only bring you doom and gloom? Do you need drugs or alcohol to do it your way - no? Will you be cast out from society for doing it your way - yes? So what will be your saving grace – mercy? They will need, they will realize they cannot do it without your valuable contributions.

Shrewd strategists and ingenious negotiators where are they? The triumphs and tragedy of our African queens, I think on “all the greatest women” of the world. The Goddesses, were they doing all this self-righteous shit today you portray? Where are the Goddesses of today - Aphrodite, Queen Sheba, Cleopatra, Queen Nefertiti, Nina Simone, Harriet Tubman, Mary McCloud Bethume... Look at what they're doing even today. Unless we except the small things, we're not know what to do with the grand. If we don't get to the smaller things in life, we'll never see the big picture.

It all begins and ends with love or the lack thereof, and in love there is inner beauty, pleasure, and procreation. Now, that is your Merry.

You're looking for love in all the wrong places, why not begin with In-to-Beauty? So we're going to get this new year started our right - The Garden of Eden.

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