Why are Black People consider lazy?

Who said, it's not me, I have White friends, Well, they're not lazy, but... how can this be so for the absolute most creative people ever to walk the face of the earth?

I'm getting used to my new pictures and I'm not stuck on myself, but the work of a great photographer, Phyllis Oates... Her work is magnificent isn't.... back to us being called lazy.

Why comes to mind, then Charlie Brown, Why Is Everybody Always Pickin On Me/Us? Why will you do for one and not the other, knowing you are neglecting your responsibilities?

Coming to mind is those who take "pride" in considering themselves better, a more supreme being or wealthy in the sense of "someone else should do for them what they do not want to do for themselves" are kind of people who foster a racist environment.

Those who have a job and consider those who do not, as sharing less responsibility for our economy, makes it bad for the world.Why do you think having a job and paying your taxes makes you any more responsible than anyone else?

In America, Blacks found themselves in a world strictly controlled by Whites and a part of this control was oppressing Blacks, as well as the indigenous people.  To maintain their dominance and use this dominance to spread the world over, people in power had to demonstrate to anyone with whom they were soliciting, that they had their niggers under control and invited them to come and play a role in the overall exploitation of people, land and resources in America, a country where you are condemned for being Black.

Where is there any honor, in using deadly force to subdue innocent, unarmed people to make them your slaves? What is "bullying" and telling "lies"? You either tell their lies or be ostracized from society for telling your truth.

In this power struggle and struggle to survive, Black People learned, in order to best survive, "I" must go along with the people in power? As illogical as this was, it made sense to Black people in America. My question would be, why we do not lend this same cowardice logic to our own people? Well, if you want to be treated equal, why not treat yourself equal? How can we clean their houses, nurse their kids, it not be reciprocated, while we neglect our own? There's something special about someone with this kind of irresponsible mentality. Why do you allow a White man to abuse you but resist a black man abusing you? Why can a White abusive man force you into free labor but a Black abusive man, you will fight to death? How can you be loyal to a White and disloyal to your own people; yet call yourself things like honest, educated, Christian, highly favored, too blessed to be stressed... better than the rest?

What did you do today, explains it all? What do Black people do to help Black people and are we consistent with it? Do you need a book to teach life skills? Is it against the law to help a people, as in need, as Black people? Why not and our main excuse is "we do not want them niggers to get ahead and/or I do not want to get in trouble fooling around with the rest of you niggers.

How can we demand to be treated with dignity and respect when we do not treat ourselves with it? This is why most Blacks achieving any amount of success, moves away the rest of us Black folk.

Black people are not lazy, we just fear self, so we fear White people, believed to be powerful? Do you know why?

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Why do people lie soo much?

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The best info is the info we share!

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The best info is the info we share!