Why do people lie

Is there a justifiable reason for people lying? ARe they mean, low-life... It's not what you think

What is the incentive for telling the truth? Do people really want to know truth? How can you tell the Queen of England she looks like "one phony ass"?

Why do people prefer lying over telling the truth? We've allowed money to become our value system. Can anybody deceive you? What's happened to "face value"?

People lie because you can't catch a fish by being truthful. What fish wants to give up his life? You can lie so much lying consumes your life. You find it easier to get what you want by lying. Then you discover it takes another lie to cover for the first lie, so you never stop lying.

Is lying a bad thing? Kidding is harmless. Lying is not bad until you start to believe your own lies, by then it's hard to correct - a misplaced lie. Misplaced lies are dangerous. Continue reading "From What Do Our People Suffer"

People feel they must embellish the truth to increase their chances of getting what they want and the first thing they want is to be able to deceive you. America was founded on deception. DECEIT and DECEPTION - Your Inner Voice

You can't catch fish without bait or trickery - Art. Big fish eat little fish.

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    The best info is the info we share!

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    The best info is the info we share!