Bully What Is A Bully

A Menace!

A bully is a really mean person and really mean people suck. They will do just about anything you least expect. They are a result of a build-up of pressure.

The only way they get their rocks off is seeing somebody else suffer. Their soul can not be satisfied unless they are causing someone else to be miserable. They can not sleep, they do not want to share anything good, just misery and pain. They can't be satisfied with anything good and wholesome for all. They tell you one thing when they really mean another. They always have a good excuse for doing stupid shit to others. Have you seen the bumper stickers about mean people? Can you imagine never being able to be happy unless you are cheating somebody? Once I witnessed a man who broke the cover of a fluorescent light just to seriously mutilate his arm. I wondered why and called 911. They do mean shit just for the hell of it. So watch yourself.

I think if someone would just take the time and nerve to let a bully know what A Bully is, that could save a bunch of unwarranted trouble.

A bully is a coward, in that they have no courage to resist the temptation, a terrorist in that, they terrorize innocent people politically and for any other reason, a trouble-maker for no apparent reason. A bully gets his kicks off at the expensive of making others look stupid. They love taking the advantage in front of an audience.

A bully is an audience who takes pleasure in bully entertainment. They are a coward in that they do not use their courage to resist.

A bully easily results to violence, in that he knows no other option.

A bully is a good person before they put on a weapon, badge and uniform, but afterwards, allow these items, to swell their big heads. Their attitude changes, their ego leads the way. All abilities to reason and use logic are now hidden behind a false sense of security and anything else that gives them power and an unfair advantage. Other wise they are regular people. You know how some people allow their power to go to their heads, well, that is a bully.

A bully takes pleasure and see honor in doing dumb shit.

Think you might know a bully, take a chance at making a good difference by sharing this article. I know it did me a world of good. A world of good.

A menace to society.

A day or two later, that guy who seriously slashed his arm, without warning, in front of me, talked about a build-up of pressure.

A menAce to society

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