Black America blaming White America

Biggest problem in America is Black America blaming White America and White America refusing to take blame, why is that?

The biggest fights within America is that of Black Americans against White Americans, but why? Helping Black people is a scary ass thought!

Black Americans know they have been violated and abused by White America, but why does not White America feel some sense of responsibility for all the evil stuff they have done to Black America?

I used to feel the same way and carried the same chip, but after years of study, I realized the problem must be a bit deeper, plus I am only hurting myself. What can "I" do to change all of this?

I must realize I am in control of my own destiny and take responsibility to what is happening to me, even in their land. My ancestors who allegedly submitted to the cruelty and abuse imposed by White America did not have to submit?

Just like today, Black America does not have to submit to the violence and abuse bullshit directed against us? the shit has not changed and if so, has only gotten worse. It will not change until "we" change. But because we are too afraid to unite and do something about it, the shit just continues to happen. Simply, we do not want to be smart enough to beat the White man at his own game, unless he approves? If you keep allowing somebody to abuse you, how can you expect them to stop? If an enemy attacks your family and no one comes to the rescue will you just let it go, will  you expect a third party to intervene, then why do not other Black Americans intervene and how can you expect White America to intervene where you fail to stand  up for self.

If I attacked your family would you depend on the justice system to make things right? Then why is there so much Black on Black crime? In a crime involving them, why would you depend on their system of justice to protect and serve you? We give the illusion we are against the oppression levied on us but the reality of this all is, we know we deserve it and  that is why we put up with it.

More and more, I see the issues between Black and White America to be created and maintained by Black America. We are our worse enemy. Black Americans are so fucking treacherous they can be too easily "bought off" by their enemy. Black America is so fucking dedicated to "the man" and receiving his favor, we are too eager to snitch and turn on each other. 

The bigger picture, even as far back as Afrikans allowing Europeans to operate the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade on Afrikan soil, we will do anything, including selling our own people, for a dollar/profit.

Just like President Obama "cannot" do anything openly for the plight of Black America... It's not that he cannot but who wants to risk messing up their program to try and help a bunch of niggers who refuse to help themselves?

It is not the White people or European who oppresses Black people, but the Black Man himself. Let's unite, make purpose of this all and prove them wrong.

(((your inner

Black People ain't Shit!

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Why Blacks cannot make it in America

Why do poor Blacks vote the same party as their Wealthy White Counterpart

Why do Blacks in Positions of Power Turn oN their Own

Their property and their profits?

YOUR inner voice

Right here, Right now.


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The best info is the info we share!

New! Comments

The best info is the info we share!
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