Black American Women 2011 Ain’t SHIT

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And it is High Time “Good Black Men” tell them. We are all playing a dangerous game and that is the problem, game playing. This article is talking about Black American Women in 2011. This article is not about Black Women of yesterday, but Black American Women of today 2011. They know it, they know why and for those who do not, just keep reading. They just ain’t shit and are so stuck in a collapsing white male dominated society in which they do not know how to cope or leave.

Ain’t Shit is the term of choice because Black Women understand that. They are no good for any good and wholesome society and even worse, what they do is to the detriment of any good society.

At Home: Though my mom is a Black America Woman born in 1915, she is a Queen compared to the best Black Women in America today, 2011. Here, I will say Black Women of yesterday were much more self respecting, loving and productive, in every aspect, than Black Women of today.

What went wrong? Just who do Black Women love and respect? Is it God and Family, so what happened to both of them in our communities? Even more specific, what happened to Black Men in family and society?

Black Women of today have allowed themselves to be pitted against the Black Men. As the White American Male dominated society forced Black Men out of their roles at home, this White Male dominated society chose to help the distressful Black Woman, as long as no man was around. Over time Black Women became and was recognized as “the head of households in America”.

This white male dominated society chose to attack and destroy Black Males, rather than build a social system for the good of all people. White Males denounced Black Males so strongly until Black Women started to believe and do the same. Gradually, Black Men and women grew farther and farther apart. Black Men were left chasing a carrot they could never catch and Black Women’s attitude was, If you can’t provide the kind of lifestyle I need then I will find someone who will. And in her efforts to profit from a White Male dominated society, Black Women willingly lowered family values to receive material rewards.

How did this White Male dominated society destroy the Black Man? They knew Black People was short on everything required to live the American Dream. The only way White Males would give to any Black families was the Black Man could not be in the home. This White Male dominated society made it appear if a Black Man did not meet their criteria, he was “No Good for society”. If the Black Man had no money, job, religion or education, he was no Good for anything. My question to you is, what does any of that have to do with the character of any person. So over time, the Black Man did the only things he could do and the quality of most became cause for more and more rejection.

Black Women as Head of Household. If there was ever a time to change the way Black Men responded to and allegedly mistreated Black Women, it was now. Now, Black Women, as head of household, could raise our boys and girls, to be the productive citizens, they despised in Black Men. However, it has not worked and Black Women have raised our boys and girls to also not be worth a shit. Hell, I do not see myself as part of the problem, but I am apart of the group, which is the problem. With Black Women as head of household, black families and communities have become even less desirable in which to live. We no longer embrace each other, good standards or living and our neighborhoods have become ghettoes.

By whose standard? You already know and it goes without saying. Your own standards, but for the propose of this document, I am going to use the standards Black Folk have adopted and in particular, the Seven Deadly Sins.

As Black Women became more and more employed, home life suffered. They could not simultaneously hold down a job and a healthy household. Yard, house, communities, neighborhoods suffered and still do. Fear, anger and resentment rose to its highest level and it seems this is what Black Women wanted. So what we have is for what we settled. You are always talking about you being too tired when you get off from work. Now, we have become too tired to do the job we know needs doing. What about pick up trash in your own yard or neighborhood?

Why is the home and community of a White Male dominated society more attractive than what a black man and woman could ever build? What are our incentives to live, love and respect one another? I believe you should have the right to love anyone you want, but understand why the Black Man has been perceived as failing.

Today to Now! Black women have emerged more evil, negative and critical, than any other species of human being on Earth. Spiritually, they choose to abide by the same hypocritical religion that enslaved them and destroyed their families. Even though Black Women are not truly faithful in this religion, they denounced Black Men for not being willing participants in the same religion. Black Women say they believe in God, but when it comes right down to it, they are more materially oriented than Satan himself.

Education? Just like religion, Education is one of the major blocks standing between Black men and women. Black Men seem to be rejected and Black Women seem to embrace education, from the same White Male Dominated society that enslaved and is out to destroy them. Though our system of education has proven to be the worse in the world, Black Women embrace these principles and teach them. Consequently, this has further divided Black Americans. It would be different if we knew this system of formal education was working, but we know it is not and we keep teaching it for a pay check and the prestigious rewards received for destroying ourselves - uneducated against educated.

Jobs? Just like Home, Religion and Education, jobs are also another weapon of choice Black Women embraced to further beat down Black Men - no money, no honey. Now that all these systems have failed, Black Women do not want to recognize the fact, it never was the Black Man’s fault. Had Black Women supported Black Men through these hardships, Black Men would still be in their roles and homes.

Who is Shit? Today, our boys and girls, as screwed up as they are, they are trying to unscrew what we screwed up, but they cannot because they are so screwed up. So when the politics of this all plays out, who will be shit?

Why am I writing this? For which candidate will you vote? Who is best qualified? To document and make these facts known. Everyday you should make things a little more efficient and effective, so when things turn south on you, you have got to be in position to role with them. How critical is technology to your survival? What priority are you on the “bumping list”? How will that help the Black American Society? Now, that you know, it is upto you to do something about it.

Like bad children, there is nothing better than a "Good Black Woman"?

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