The Inner Man

Why do we want to see the inner man, the spirit of a man?

Be grateful for the outer you and remember, it is going away, but the inward spirit is being renewed everyday. Outward appearances are often misleading and too easily misunderstood. His heart matters most. We do not want to be disappointed, taken advantage of or hurt. We want to live a good life and it is not yet revealed what we shall be. Make your biggest investment in the things that will last.

The real question is, does it matter enough to me for me to change how I see others and myself? Am I willing to allow God to “search my heart”, and am I willing to see people and myself beyond what I externally see in front of me? Can I see past all the games and equipment? Man looks on the outward appearance, but God looks on the Heart

The choice of seeing life how God sees it or how man sees permeate your whole person and life. We must be prepared and we must work together. The quicker and sooner we do that, the quicker and sooner we see and know "the spirit of the man". “It is what it is.” And this is where the recovery starts.

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